Samsung Galaxy Ace Style LTE G357

Samsung Galaxy Ace Style LTE G357

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  • Vacivity
  • 3sr
  • 21 Dec 2022

Loved the phone when I bought it in 2015. Perfect size for the hand and a shame they don't make phones of this size any more. Maybe a bigger screen with the same form factor would be good in the modern day without notches, but it seems the average consumer just wants huge devices. Lasted me well for a little over 2 years, when the internal storage was simply too little for my gaming needs.

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    • Raja
    • rJ7
    • 17 Oct 2022

    Samsung ace style touch screen

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      • baconkingroblox
      • p{t
      • 11 Jul 2022

      baconkingroblox, 25 May 2022I got this phone in 2016, it was great, but when I hit the ... moreUpdate: It was a faulty battery, and yesterday my brother broke the amoled screen and now I'm saving for a new screen.

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        • baconkingroblox
        • pmH
        • 25 May 2022

        I got this phone in 2016, it was great, but when I hit the phone lightly, the screen cracked but still worked. As of the time I'm typing this, the phone keeps rebooting, crashing, making weird static noise when booting, and startup sound sometimes plays even though the phone was set to silent mode.
        I had to give my phone to my uncle and it was dropped 100+ times, it's shattered a lot but still works fine, the problem is that it played a random sound at a specific time and was glitchy, but a factory reset fixed the issue. I rate this phone 7.5/10 - It works great, but has some bugs and glitches (probably needs a new battery)

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          • Mina
          • pI{
          • 18 Mar 2022

          Purchased in 2015, new battery in 2019, still good in 2022.

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            • Pichingon
            • 8@$
            • 22 May 2021

            Really good phone

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              • Anonymous
              • D}S
              • 27 Nov 2020

              Amazing phone, one of my first "serious" smartphones. Back in 2015 this was really snappy phone

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                • Belo
                • AL%
                • 29 Sep 2020

                This machine simply doesn't dies:) still stock battery runing good,2 times fall in sea water, faled down hundred times,doesnt have any damage,excelent old phone!

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                  • Daffodil
                  • XUx
                  • 30 Aug 2020

                  I purchased it in 2014 and now in 2020 it still running fluently.
                  If it's memory become full then some time it get hang. Overall good phone indeed.
                  But now it difficult to find it's back cover or screen protector things.
                  By the way,I never repair this phone

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                    • Anonymous
                    • YQL
                    • 24 Aug 2020

                    Yasya, 18 Mar 2020hi, i want this phone, but i not available It was really good mobile

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                      • Anonymous
                      • Dkp
                      • 14 Jul 2020

                      Yasya, 18 Mar 2020hi, i want this phone, but i not available i have but damage combo

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                        • Yasya
                        • IWV
                        • 18 Mar 2020

                        hi, i want this phone, but i not available

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                          • sorryforthelongstory
                          • 0Ca
                          • 21 Jun 2019

                          pretty good phone until i rooted it 3 years ago. started going bad: google services suddenly stopped working, many apps couldn't write data on the device, and the screen sort of bypassed the lock time, so it couldn't close on it's own. it had many bugs and i got angry and slammed it to the ground. Display cost : 80$. This horrible display with 0 quality. As i didn't have another phone in my house, i was forced to repair it. 3 months after that it got water damaged and the volume down button stopped working, the device would only boot in safe mode. I tried opening the device to properly dry it and i destroyed the display again. i had pretty bad luck with this device :(

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                            • Mr sanjut
                            • vV5
                            • 29 Jan 2019

                            Amoled display are so expensive ,beeter be carefull and make sure not to brake it

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                              • Miki
                              • sr%
                              • 15 Jan 2019

                              natarajan , 01 Jan 2019 samsung ace style LTE G357 touch screen glass broken need... more
                              you will not find it anywhere

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                                • natarajan
                                • w47
                                • 01 Jan 2019

                                samsung ace style LTE G357 touch screen glass broken need to replace need service centre and price

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                                  • Miki
                                  • sr%
                                  • 21 Apr 2018

                                  Using them for more than 3 years, every day about 12hrs. Good job Samsung

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                                    • akil somesh
                                    • U@X
                                    • 23 Jul 2017

                                    anil, 09 Oct 2016way not soupoted 4 g net workMy mobile glass is broken. ..I search all centres plz help me sir...

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • HA3
                                      • 19 Jul 2017

                                      Been using this phone for two (2) years now. From my experience it was pretty good if you don't mind the low RAM and storage of the phone. Somehow mine survived a near 2 meter drop on a marble staircase with a screen protector for another phone on it. Mine proved to not only be durable but also usable until I got my new phone. Only problem I usually had was the low memory and outdated hardware to the standards of today. I needed to choose what games to have on it. Compared to the phone I used last, the Samsung Galaxy Y, it was much better. Compared to the standards of today, it is a lackluster. Now I am on my way to transitioning to the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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                                        • deepu
                                        • 7j}
                                        • 23 Jun 2017

                                        my samung galaxy ace 4 this phone display glass broken..plss help me..i search all samsung center..but not available