Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro receive an update that improves ANC performance

Ro, 02 February 2021

Although the Galaxy Buds Pro are a brand new product, Samsung is already pushing a second update and this one is improving the earphones' ANC performance. Also, it improves upon another cool feature - Voice detect mode.

The latter detects when you start to speak and turns off ANC so you can have your conversation without having to take off the buds. The third line in the changelog mentions the Ambient sound feature as well.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro receive an update, improve ANC performance

The Ambient sound feature lets surrounding sounds in at a level of your choice so you can still be aware of your environment. However, Samsung doesn't reveal any details surrounding the changes in the three features but they sound promising nonetheless.

The update itself is just 2.20MB and bumps up the firmware version to R190XXU0AUA5.



Reader comments

  • Dankguy
  • 03 Feb 2021
  • ibg

Now I want to see an updated comparison with the airpods pro. Really hoping ANC I better now so I can buy them

  • Samsung user
  • 03 Feb 2021
  • mir

I must say I liked the first 2 galaxy buds. The live buds has zero noise cancelling even though they claim it does. Also most earbuds have this voice detection thing so I don't understand. I have and will always be pro-samsung but I must say I r...

  • Anant
  • 02 Feb 2021
  • bCi

Waiting for multi-connect on Samsung Buds Pro. Two simultaneous connections (laptop/tablet & phone) without need to switch manually is much needed!

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