Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

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  • rasal
  • K1G
  • 27 Jul 2023

Mannu7244, 22 Sep 2022My phone screen was broke 4years ago, it was of no use sinc... moresame as you said , i am using iphone 13 but need to sell it and my old c9 pro put touch screen that has brocken on 2019......

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    • Manoj
    • CbI
    • 11 Jun 2023

    shan, 23 May 2023call recording option available or notAvailable

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      • shan
      • ter
      • 23 May 2023

      call recording option available or not

        • R
        • Raj
        • XWR
        • 28 Apr 2023

        Mobile support duel volte

          • Z
          • Zahid
          • 7km
          • 06 Apr 2023

          One of the Best Phone of Samsung, If it will relaunched with 8/128 or 6/128 with Same Dimension i will Buy it Sure.

            • T
            • Twambi
            • rvG
            • 08 Mar 2023

            The best phone from Samsung
            Even if it falls down a countless times, it never develops cracks, the LCD is still going strong

              • N
              • Nabajit
              • gNT
              • 27 Feb 2023

              Can I update android version 0f this phone

                Wished the latest phone has this kind of size instead of useless tall 20:9 ratio

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                  • Sree
                  • GRN
                  • 09 Oct 2022

                  Skai, 30 Sep 2022Prob the oldest phone I ever own, this one last the longest... moreI agree, it a great phone. Just checking if we can update it to latest android version

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                    • Skai
                    • tx3
                    • 30 Sep 2022

                    Prob the oldest phone I ever own, this one last the longest. I just amazed how its still holding until now, it still handle everday task smoothly, but when i throw too muh stuff it will heat up abit, but thats fine considering it is an old phone.
                    Screen is also good, its bigger and still produce good color than phone nowadays with the crappy screen ratio.
                    I like how solid how this phone feel. But well the camera is not the best, but at least its working and its reliable like how a phone should be.

                      • M
                      • Mannu7244
                      • 64i
                      • 22 Sep 2022

                      My phone screen was broke 4years ago, it was of no use since than. Now in 2022 I decided to put new screen on it just of out of curiosity. Trust me it's working flawlessly. In few cases I found it superior than Iphone 13

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                        • sudharshan
                        • u15
                        • 10 Aug 2022

                        portmoose, 26 Jul 2022I bought mine 5 years ago. Sadly, the screen has started t... moreHi,
                        I completely agree with you, this is the best phone of our time and till date with one press button and no complications.

                          • p
                          • portmoose
                          • tPE
                          • 26 Jul 2022

                          I bought mine 5 years ago. Sadly, the screen has started to flash and I was told I couldn't get it fixed so I bought a new Samsung A53. I am so disappointed - the C9 Pro was just SO good. Really user-friendly for us older, two-finger typist folk with a large keypad and an alphabetical ladder in the contacts list so no scrolling needed. Other little features like the full screen to be able to proof read your texts before sending compared to the new one which only shows four lines. Also, ability to close individual, selected pages rather than "close all" zapping every page at once. What a great phone, pity it is now no longer available.

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                            • eipa
                            • KRW
                            • 13 Jun 2022

                            use since its second month launch. still working like new

                              • J
                              • Joe
                              • Nue
                              • 05 Jun 2022

                              ...bought mine Feb 2018,still working like first day.....durable.

                                • r
                                • ravi joshi
                                • FY0
                                • 19 May 2022

                                i had purchase c9 pro 2017 jan its good but now creat hang and battery problem above 50% percent battery empty overnight and much hang

                                  • A
                                  • Abdul rahim
                                  • XQm
                                  • 08 May 2022

                                  Best phone . It has worked for 5 yerars and still running

                                    • S
                                    • Shekhar
                                    • 2S$
                                    • 07 Apr 2022

                                    Using Samsung Galaxy C9pro since last five and half years...

                                    Now I am not daring to change my phone

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                                      • Anon from PH
                                      • t7I
                                      • 02 Apr 2022

                                      Owned since 2017. As of 2022, still performing at 99%

                                      Once in a while, the sim slot 2 is undetected by the unit.
                                      FB app cannot be uninstalled. Which is a negative for me.

                                      2016 Samsung C9 Pro is comparable with 2021 iPhone 13 Pro.
                                      From iOS to Android user. I cannot go back.

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • C81
                                        • 12 Mar 2022

                                        Is it still in stock?