Samsung Galaxy Fame S6810

Samsung Galaxy Fame S6810

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Average , 06 May 2022I just got it from ebay and it works fine but the guy litte... moreit for real did explode??

    British Dooode, 15 Mar 2022Hi mate, mine doesn't have cracked glass but it is qui... morei dont know how to fix that it dosent work

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      • Average
      • JFj
      • 06 May 2022

      I just got it from ebay and it works fine but the guy litteraly didnt reset and when i reset it the battery blowed up and the half the screen has half a hole

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        • British Dooode
        • nu2
        • 15 Mar 2022

        pandasmallcollection, 11 Jul 2021i have the GT-S6810L model of this and my aunt gave it to m... moreHi mate, mine doesn't have cracked glass but it is quite slow. Anyway to make it faster?

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          • ftd
          • 15 Mar 2022

          I changed English to other language so I need to solve it

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            • mx0
            • 18 Nov 2021

            king, 07 Jun 2021This was my first smartphone. I was so excited back then bu... moreHahhaha it was my first as well, brings back so many memories.

              i have the GT-S6810L model of this and my aunt gave it to me. theres some problems with what my aunt gave me.
              1- cracked glass. litteraly everyone who had that model cracked their glass
              2- missing screws. one in the battery slot and one close to the battery slot.
              3- wont work with battery. dosent work with a perfectly fitting one
              4- dirty front camera. those 2 cameras on the front look fine with mine but oh my god the main one is super dirty that i even thinked that was the flash light.

              hope my dad can fix that phone i have!

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                • king
                • 38w
                • 07 Jun 2021

                This was my first smartphone. I was so excited back then but my experience was horrible, so laggy it couldn't load even subway surfers. It was a love and hate relationship.

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                  • mye
                  • 16 Mar 2021

                  MAVIES, 09 Feb 2020android version is too low can it be upgradedNo it's a very old phone, there are no further software updates

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                    • MAVIES
                    • Nug
                    • 09 Feb 2020

                    android version is too low can it be upgraded

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                      • AnonD-819322
                      • 3aW
                      • 25 Dec 2018

                      stormman34, 17 Dec 2018For just regular daily-driver, it's not really that bad, ev... moreThe good performance is because of the Cortex A9 architecture, Cortex A7, A53 and A5 are slower. The 1GHz clock speed helps too. The A9 is the reason phones like the Galaxy S2 are still usable in 2018 even though it's a 7 year old phone and that's coming from a user with a 1.6GHz Octa-Core Exynos 7870 phone.

                        For just regular daily-driver, it's not really that bad, even now in 2018. I can chat through Messenger Lite with only minor lag, I can read posts on Facebook Lite, again with almost no issue, I can play videos on Youtube (it's way slower on Youtube, but still acceptable) and I can even play simple games like Benji Bananas, Zombie Tsunami or Defender II. If you want to squeeze as much power from it as you can, you'll have to put all system apps that you don't use to factory versions and disable them so they don't take up as less as possible of your storage and run their processes on background slowing your mobile down.
                        You could uninstall them entirely, but you'll have to root your device first and I couldn't manage to do that. About the hardware, the battery is not big but sufficient for 2-3 days worth of ocassional use and camera isn't for such an old phone bad either.

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                          • 2nd hand galaxy fame
                          • IW@
                          • 18 Nov 2018

                          Using it on 2018

                          gotta rate 4 out of 10

                          Less than 512 RAM made this phone worse, the single core might do fine if only it has more RAM. Some tips to atleast make it snappy

                          1. Turn off sync when not needed
                          2. Disable some background apps
                          3. Dont install too much apps, specially those that run in background
                          4. Touchwiz is a bad launcher, try using other launcher you can download
                          5. Disable bloatware from Samsung

                          So far using it to play music, occasional browsing, viewing email and SNS
                          don't expect too much, specially gaming. This phone is not meant for it. Also no battery % info. somewhat disappointed that need to install or tweak to add one

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                            • erl
                            • YQe
                            • 08 Jan 2018

                            the Ram is less than 512MB

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                              • AnonD-722971
                              • amg
                              • 16 Dec 2017

                              Horrible phone is so slow had it for 2 months before buying a new one the ram memory is just not enough

                                This phone would have been fine in like 2010, but the fact that this phone was released in 2013 just makes me mad. Usability of this phone in 2017 (nearly 2018) is even worse than something like an iPhone 3GS! Yes, this phone is worse than the iPhone 3GS, you heard that right!

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 3PN
                                  • 23 Nov 2017

                                  good but always loses connection to internet mine is broken now though

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                                    • Bob
                                    • mqw
                                    • 08 Nov 2017

                                    Generally reliable, but a bit quirky.
                                    Good Battery.
                                    Very Slow internet.
                                    Very good camera.
                                    Generally very good value.
                                    Awkward to block pest calls.

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                                      • AnonD-703929
                                      • mxy
                                      • 28 Sep 2017

                                      i have problem with losing signal this is not indicated ,rectified by battery removal and replace, a very stupid problem and difficult to understand why any help would be appreciated

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                                        • macknon
                                        • r0W
                                        • 16 Aug 2017

                                        Anonymous, 31 Oct 2016after 4 years of using it ,No mic No speed , the frame has ... moreMy galaxy it is hunging each and evry time