Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670

Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670

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  • Matija360897

I had exactly the same phone back in 2011-2012 or so. My favorite brand name.

  • ReighnieR

GIER00, 10 Aug 2016This was my first android phone and I remember being so exc... moreSamsung had gotten so far in terms of their smartphones and software experiences. You should try one of their budget or even midrange devices for you to see and even feel the changes in samsung's devices

  • Anonymous

This phone was my first phone...I was so excited when I got it back in 2012..I used it for two years but in the final months of my usage it was slow and had multiple software issues so i changed it and bought a sony xperia e1...Altough it has rough specs , it's the only old phone I have that still works perfectly for 8 years...I don't think you find that on other devices no matter how better they were at their picks..When I use it I feel like I'm going back in time when people's purpose wasn't having a great selfie to post on social media..good times...

  • Teja

This was my first Android phone

  • FlexiblePhonesPlz

2011: Introducing the Galaxy Suit
Eventually: Galaxy Suit renamed to Galaxy Fit
2019: Introducing the Galaxy Fit
2011 Galaxy fit: am I a joke to you?

  • Adel

I bought it 8 years ago and Still work.

  • Latrell

Interesting they released the Galaxy Fit watch, while they already had a Galaxy Fit.

  • Anonymous

Sumit, 05 Mar 2018Still keeping dis phone since 2011...inserted new battery..... morewhere'd you get your battery?

  • Cool_sank

Awsome samsung galaxy fit s5670 im using year 2011
Still working at 2018

  • Sumit

Still keeping dis phone since 2011...inserted new battery...inserted bigger memory card ...n devoted it to serve as mp3 player to connect in bt stereo of my car

  • AnonD-651747

This is the first ever smart phone I have bought in December 2011 with my native Telugu language support. I really liked this phone very much. pretty good and handy.

  • hello

I also have this phone for five years. But now I am really need to get new phone asap.

  • AnonD-157257

using this phone for 5 years to do phone call and message only. such a durable phone lol

  • prateesh sharma

GIER00, 10 Aug 2016This was my first android phone and I remember being so exc... moreBro you are totally wrong about galxy fit GT-s56770

  • GIER00

This was my first android phone and I remember being so excited at first, but I ended up hating it so much. I guess it didn't meet my needs. It was slow and laggy. Battery life sucked, and was drained by data use. The camera was meh, and the speakers were pretty sucky. It died a slow and painful death as eventually different parts began failing. It would usually fail me when I needed it most. At least it was sd expandable. I upgraded to an HTC One m7 and it looked and felt like the greatest phone in the world after coming from this small thing.

I refuse to buy another Samsung after owning this phone. I know the S lineup is pretty good, but I just look at the Samsung OS layout and cringe just because it reminds me of this little phone.

  • Lethe

I have been using it for four years and ı havent faced with a problem

  • NOuf

Marvellous Phone! Using since 2k11..

  • SaNdy

excellent mobile
4 year continue use Mobile ..
best mobile
2011 last 2016

  • sreejith S..........

good mobile but low internal memory and low battery backup are the problems

  • Anonymous

Nice phone but de internal memory and small ram memory is a big problem....