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  • yadi

Khaled Almuhaini, 20 Oct 2020it is dual sinits dual one neno one esim.

A quick answer to most questions and silly answers. People who talk about thick or foldable phones, plastic screens, size of front screen 4in, etc. have to be realistic:

1. Ever tried to use a Nokia Communicatior from 13 years back. E90 - communicators? Ever check the screen on those? If you dont remember, then this phone will be think and useless.

2. The 4In front screen is just a little smaller and slimmer than the original Iphone. All loved that phone.

3. We as humans 20 years ago, wanted smaller and smaller phones, now we want the biggest. So to have a hugh screen which folds into a small compact version, is not bad.

4. This phone is expensive to make. The screen i am sure is not easy to develop and reproduce. All foldables have been expensive. If anyone owns a mercedes, why do you own one? isnt it too much, why couldnt you buy a honda?

I have had this phone for a 1 year now. My review:

1. Beats my note 20 ultra for battery life.
2. 512 is plenty of space for me.
3. Media is fantastic on this.
4. The small screen is good for 1 handed use and quick browsing.
5. The durability is beyond what i expected. I have dropped my phone a few times. A few knicks, but no damage to any of the screens.
6. Its perfect for my work (digital business). Can do a whole host of things at the same time.

People have to stop complaining about price. Every single thing you own in your house; there are two types of. Expensive version and cheap version. Dyson hairdryer and cheap hairdryer; alienware computer or cheap computer; normal tv or samsung 100in.
So with this phone, you either buy a normal phone or this one. The fold users dont look at you and say yours is shit.

If you have the money buy a new one, if you can find a 2nd hand one, its worth it. If its too expensive buy a phone you like. There are 100's out there.

Thats my peace. Any comments?

  • FGE

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2020Is it dual sim or not??? No, it comes in only one sim

  • Zubair

Khaled Almuhaini, 20 Oct 2020it is dual sinYes its Dual Sim

  • Khaled Almuhaini

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2020Is it dual sim or not??? it is dual sin

  • Anonymous

Is it dual sim or not???

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Dec 20191. Samsung's foldable display repeatedly folds inwards clos... moreSuch a thing isn't possible right now. Glass doesn't fold, not the type of glass used on normal smartphones. The chose plastic because, you know, it can fold.

  • Haider

I think pop up selfie camera is a right choice for galaxy fold instead of 6 cameras. Samsung should use A80 camera

  • art

love my galaxy fold just need a good cover with a stand

Anonymous, 17 May 2020It folds the wrong way! Even when folded it's 160cm so what... moreWhen folded It's basically the same size of your phone just a bit thicker so stfu

  • Anonymous

It folds the wrong way! Even when folded it's 160cm so what's even the point? Too long for a pocket and really heavy so it's better just to take your laptop with you

  • RickyBoy

The front screen is hideous

  • Bader Batarfi

Save The Date

  • MD

Oflife, 24 Jan 2020Got to play with one at CES (customer had not, not on the S... moreMorotola has taken a more practical approach? Are you kidding me... The phone has been released for a month, is barely available, ship dates keep getting pushed back, internals are old and slow, screen is a disaster, etc. So practical means garbage? Please.....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2020Good concept but I highly doubt the durability.probably better with Iphone this price! ... not feel natural.

  • Anonymous

This phone would be awesome if the screen on the front (while folded) was a bit bigger. Perhaps others will have something I like in the future :)

  • Oflife

Got to play with one at CES (customer had not, not on the Samsung booth). It is quite magical in real life, in particular as he had it in a skin case, so it looked pretty cool. You cannot get an idea of how amazing it is to unfold (and fold) a folding display from any photos or videos, you have to try it. The screen is superb, but the crease is obvious. It does feel well made, but the execution is flawed as others have pointed out. Motorola have taken a far more practical approach, and the next Samsung folding phone based on the same concept at Moto is also more practical. I just hope it has an S-Pen so we can use it like a real flip open notepad!

  • Vipade

If it was under the €1000 I would have bought it :)

  • Anonymous

jmcrvzt, 19 Dec 2019Just got mine earlier. I thought I will be happy. The phone... moreGood concept but I highly doubt the durability.

  • Anonymous

1. Samsung's foldable display repeatedly folds inwards close to 180 degrees, a similar display from Huawei repeatedly folds outwards.

2. We already have separate screens on smartphones working seamlessly as one (save the hideous bar in the middle), LG comes to mind.

3. Yet these companies can't seem to put 1 and 2 together and give us proper foldables with two separate screens with hard glass covers, rendered bezelless in the middle by permanently folding the screens at a 90 degree angle underneath the glass.