Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G

Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2020No card slotWhy do you need a card slot at 512gb?

  • Larryone66

Please does galaxy fold 5G supports whatsapp web?, mine does not connect by the scanning code

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2020It is not waterproof (ip68) and no cardslotNo phone is waterproof. most phones are water resistant learn the difference between the two. I could break the ip68 rated devices by drowning them in water so clearly they aren't "waterproof" I use the iPhone 12 and Z fold 2. I recommend skipping the fold 1.

  • Sarki

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2020I can't do call confrence what's the reasonNot supporting conference call

  • Anonymous

Not the optimized for gaming

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone brand new off eBay for £750 and can't be happier,the 512gb is more than enough,the crease isn't that noticeable,outer screen is decent and I'm not bothered about the size as I have no problems doing everything on it,cameras are great,sound is amazing with dual speakers and I'm looking forward to getting the same software almost as the z fold ...all in all im more than happy with it.

  • Anonymous

I can't do call confrence what's the reason

  • Anonymous

Kunz, 28 Jan 2020The phone is good and easy to use, however it has the follo... moreIssue #4. Just install other sms app. Problem solved!

  • Trq

I used this phone for around a month, after that i sold it back with some loss. In my opinion, this is a very good phone with unique tech but yet to flourish. I bought the Korean version and there were some bloatware which can't be deleted. So keep that in mind. The voice call quality is not that great as My Note 10+, even the loudspeaker seemed weaker than Note. The signal reception of this phone is excellent. The display is super smooth and vibrant. The display is not 90 or 120 HZ but the smoothness almost feels like it is 90 HZ. There were no stutter or lag. I got timely updates as well. Camera is good as well.

The reason for selling it off is mainly because i had to open the phone for every single tasks. Other than phone call and sms reading the outer screen is not that convenient. Also the issue of water and dust resistant was there. It was just not convenient to use every time to unfold and use it.

  • agaladari

I purchases the Korean version. Initially I was told that it does not languages (i.e. Arabic) but after setting it up and getting the first update, all languages are shown.
The main issue I see here is that my area has a good coverage of 5G. I tested the signal with a Huawei P40Pro and its shows 5G and speed of over 500Mbs.
On Galaxy Fole SM-F907N" seems its not working and I am not sure if its because its Korean version. The settings is already set to support 5G. not I only get LTE with speed of 150Mbs max.
very disappointed as this was mymain reason to get Fold 5G Korean rather than going for local version which only support 4G/LTE.
Anyone who faced this issue?

  • Anonymous

Purchased one with Korea version software. Since then not all function work. How to install global version

  • ____

I think they have to put a larger capacity battery as it has a large screen i.e. 7.3 inch and also an extra screen. Due to this, the battery consumes more.... so i think they can change the battery's capacity to about 5000 or 6000 mah to make it long lasting ..... Also for a desktop experience....

  • Anonymous

say what you want, 19 Nov 2019You guys can say what you want, but unless you own it to ex... moreBravo! that's all I can say. If its true that you own one. Give us the proof that you own one and I will give double Bravo

  • anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2020No card slotiits got 512gb storage... I wonder how much you currently have on your phone? does anyone ever fill there storage ? theres cloud storage

  • Anonymous

ANONYMOUS, 21 Apr 2020so is your name This is for the haters
Good one bro


Paquita Mong Puetmo, 01 Oct 2019haha, samsung that was an Epic....failso is your name


julian, 09 Oct 2019 I rather buy laptop than this phoneGo buy a laptop then... why leave your irrelevant comment here?...

  • Nisotec

say what you want, 19 Nov 2019You guys can say what you want, but unless you own it to ex... moreCudo,

What's so special about galaxy FOLD ?
Before I make payment now

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2020As an owner of the phone for four months now, I must say th... morewell said 100% agree

  • Anonymous

It is not waterproof (ip68) and no cardslot