Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660

Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660

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  • kim19

pubg works fine but on low settings

  • Honestly

still using this phone untill now after 9 years solid like rock
i have changed the battery 4 time's though
cant live without it

  • zz

Is the home button supposed to be responsive all time?

  • bob

omg this phone is so good jkjk

  • Joseph

I'm currently using it, and recently read it could be installed with another op so it can join 4G data services.. . Waw, it seems I'm never gonna leave this phonny :)

Oh my childhood i love this phone so much, so much nostalgia :)

  • AnonD-767570

This phone is LEGENDARY, One of the best Galaxy phone ever made!
This is my childhood too, Gio is my best phone ever and i am will love Gio ๐Ÿ˜

  • skaz

The best one I have ever used. Just sold it some months back because of less memory and some apps were not working.

  • Roland

It is still now (2018) in service. Very satified. I went with it on Mount Everest (base camp), the desserts in Namibia and central Australia. Very hot climate in Tanzania. Wet weather in the amazone: Ecuador, very cold in Ushuaia Argentina. It has falen 3 times on concrete floor: no problem. Very reliable. Can a new phone stand all this?

  • scatty

my first๐Ÿ˜

  • Ambonziray

first my Android phone :D

  • Anonymous

My first Smartphone ever. Used to really love it when I first got it. Then I sold it to get a Galaxy Tab Plus.

AnonD-596391, 11 Oct 2016I too found this to be a horrible phone. I bought it as my... moreWhy are you saying a crap 2011 budget phone should represent all of samsung's phones? That's just stupid.

  • BMM

How to Screen shot using this phone? please help

  • Prince Abu

How can i restart my bluetooth because i nolonger functions and how can i change the storage directory because i want to download my games and it brings inussificient storage

  • AnonD-658211

it has been almost 6 years since i bought this phone. i dropped it a lot of times and it still works perfectly. i didnt browse or played games much on it though, just normal use. still has the same battery.

  • AnonD-596391

necro48, 04 Sep 2015I found this ph next to worthless as the internal memory is... moreI too found this to be a horrible phone. I bought it as my first smart phone. From day one it barely functioned properly and now a few years later I decided to resurrect it after a year dormancy and tried to charge it via a normal wall charger. No go. Even tried to plug it into a computer and it still does not live. I honestly cannot recommend any Samsung phone to anyone. The batteries are each unique to each phone, they are not interchangeable. The phones, themselves are hiccuppy and barely work properly. For a while I was using my Gio as a dashcam and even that only worked for an hour at a time and then it died. I will never buy another SAMSUNG phone ever. I have even resurrected my old 10 and 15 year old Nokia phones and found they still work the way they were designed, without having to upgrade software every week.

  • AnonD-589396

oratwa, 07 Jan 2015how to block unwanted calls Download Call Blocker from Google Play Store.

  • AnonD-589396

Mega, 16 Mar 2016How do I make the screen active when freeze.Press volume up and power button for 10 seconds.

  • AnonD-589396

smokey, 21 Sep 2016how do i open the phone if i forgot my pattern?Turn off your phone. Open Recovery mode (home button + power button 5-10 seconds), select "wipe data / factory reset" and select "Yes - Delete all user data", then select "reboot system now". (Downloaded apps, messages, contacts etc. will be deleted).