Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace

Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace

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A decent budget phone for 2015 standards, unusable for 2020 standards in my opinion, this device did not age well

  • s j1 ace lover

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2015This phone costs 150$. Hell nawwww. It still uses KitKat, s... moreI love your invention,but I have problem with this phone when it comes to reading files that requires pdf reader ,especially those files posted on my watsapp ,on accessing them it will be a problem ,either it is telling me that this document cannot be accessed until you have the required pdf file.honestly I have installed numerous pdf reader from play store even the adobe acrobat reader I installed is not responding to is quite unfortunate for me .please what is the way out ???

  • Taha

Good for old people but Battery wold drain out quickly. Most apps will not run and stop after some time and you have to restart the mobile. 2 Year experince and now instagram also stops after 5-10 mins. Proper fb will hang.

  • Touseef ktk

How to close headphone mode for permanant

  • Anonymous

I like this phone but sometimes it will lag and some apps will stop working but idk about that. The problem is why some people can buy this phone with 1.5 GB Ram mine just 1GB Ram. I still can play some games but I cannot play my favourite game because it only support android 5 not higher.

  • Anonymous

well this phone is outdated but still a normal phone for old ppl or simple task

  • Anonymous

Assey, 18 May 2020How can i set the sd card as the storage device in this phone ??it can not to be done,,it can only swap a mmc to increase ram capacity

I use J110L until 2020.This phone is not very good.It lacks Everytime.Ram and screen quality is not very good.But I use this phone.

  • Anonymous

Assey, 18 May 2020How can i set the sd card as the storage device in this phone ??Idk bro I have A10s Android 9.0And ram 3GB and storage 32 so idk how can I use j1 ace

  • Assey

How can i set the sd card as the storage device in this phone ??

  • afaz

I am use now thats the phone ,but i am now regular fell a probleam sometimes the network register of ,at this stage what can i do plz help me anyone

  • Musa

Santa , 12 Mar 2020Yes Just good and perfect to use it

I have used the phone for more than a year.The only thing desirable about its purchase is that its great design and display features.But the battery backup is not quite good and the device sometimes lags which made me to exchange it and purchase samsung j2.

  • Anonymous

I´ve had this phone for 4 years now and it is just fine, sure the cam is not that good but for a phone whose price was 150 bucks the release day it´s more than ok, I´ve dropped the fella more than I want to admit and not and a single scratch or malfunction (got a case). All and all, best phone I can think of considering the price.

  • Santa


  • Thembinator

I have had this phone for 6 years now and I can say it's works perfectly. My friend dropped it more than 3 times and it still funations well and the screen didn't even break since I use a screen protector and phone cover. All in all it still looks new and I can probably sell it for $80 or more

  • Anonymous

There is no update to this phone.
J110F had kitkat (768 mb ram) without any update and j111f had lolipop (1gb ram)

Also my phone droped and its screen dead, when i went to fix it, technesian said its emmc is dead.

I had droped it before but unfortunatly last one was bad and resulted to dead eMMC and screen.

  • Anis

I been using this for long time all good but the problem is the battery. I charges 100% goes to collages it can't stand for a day only 3 hours until 40% or 30% is die for sudden and open it back is only 1 percent left

  • Patel

I have no proble . I have added 32 gb chip for photos and vedios . My phone runs fine no complain. Than you

  • Usagi

Been using this phone since 2016 til now. Works good, only recent app button is 'broken'