Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016)

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  • Anonymous

Can it support volte

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2020Internal storage is 8GB. Inbuild Android takes approximate... moreNo this phone doesn't have a full flash os so this phone will take like 2.5 to 3 Gb in os

  • Anonymous

siraj101, 01 Mar 2020What does it mean ? I have been using since last 3 years. N... moreUse memory card

  • Lupa

Is there any fuction in phone, everyday the same time my phn is turned of auto

  • Anonymous

siraj101, 01 Mar 2020What does it mean ? I have been using since last 3 years. N... moreInternal storage is 8GB. Inbuild Android takes approximately 7GB.

  • Anonymous

Does 16 GB support above phone

  • Anonymous

Does 16GB support above ohone

Anonymous, 15 Feb 2019end with bootloopWhat does it mean ? I have been using since last 3 years. No prob. Now just hangs frequently and showing internal storage full !! Can you please help ?

  • Upul

Samsung J2 6 is a useless phone. It has only 4GB internal memory which is filled with useless Samsung apps which cannot be removed. Samsung developers must be nuts. I always get memory low messages which is a nuisance. I have no app to remove, all are the bare minimum. They do not allow the customer to at least to move rubbish Samsung apps to SD card. This is absurd. I have been having Samsung throughout but I will not buy any Samsung again in my life.

  • Rakesh

I used since 2year still it's running well. But i got last security update August 1, after that there is no security update give by Samsung. What happening....

  • Anonymous

end with bootloop

  • Anonymous

Arupdebnath , 30 Sep 2018How can i change my lock screen wallpaper? Just choose the photo which you want to use. You will able to see use as wallpaper. Click on it. You will able to see three options 1. Home screen 2. Lock screen 3. Both

  • Arupdebnath

How can i change my lock screen wallpaper?

  • pabe

very bad phone.
cant play any game without lag.
menu is laging after few months.
very low quality camera.
very weak battery

  • Manoj

New update.
I got new update via ota now im in april 1 2018 security patch update is june 2018 patch its downloaded good and installed well. But after reboot touch wont works/not respond for me. I try stock firmware and again update to april 2018 its working very well. I downloaded june 2018 rom from sammobile site and flash via odin the same problem occurs touch wont work any solution?

  • kiwisteve

Wifi is poor it will often select the lowest level signal and not strongest one

  • AnonD-142395

It's not that great made up of plastic within 7 months of use screen started flickering cheap phone

  • Dhanasekaran

SM-J210F Model phone is unfit to basic use.During Incoming and outgoing calls it is restarted automatically. 3 times attended by Authorized service center. They finally said to change the Sim card. I did that also. But problem not solved. After did this Samsung keep silent. They don't know what to do.The same sim card perfectly works on other mobiles even in Samsung brand. Phone is under warranty. They do nothing, like services,refund and exchange. Please go for other model or other brands. It is much better.

  • AnonD-740469

According to me, samsung's worst phone. Its main reason is to say that its set memory is too less.

  • AnonD-745651

I am using this phone for more than 1 yr. got some issues but i fixed it. the thing is when we install lots of apps problems come not only for this for every phones. specially when u use whatsapp u get lots of issue. uninstall and see yr phone will gets good performance.

move yr apps to the sd and after installing it, go to setting and click the apps and change the path to sd . yr problem will be ok.

I like my phone coz i am using it nicely.