Samsung Galaxy J6+

Samsung Galaxy J6+

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  • Anonymous
  • 7Xt
  • 18 Mar 2024

why is the plus version the way lower end version of the j6

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    • Idk
    • in@
    • 28 Feb 2024

    If you don't have money and you need phone, this is the solution, Samsung Galaxy J6+ is laggy , but it's enough to call someone, or other task,

    note : don't use this phone for video editing and gaming

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      • Ray
      • vaP
      • 28 Oct 2023

      Aku Dan Aku, 09 Sep 2023Laggy as hell, the ui is sucks Hell nah Sometimes, when you are poor, you need a budget phone, the Samsung j6+ is decent for it,

      Note: not everyone needs phones with like 16 gigs of ram and a snapdragon gen 8 gen 2.

        • k
        • kepan
        • K0E
        • 03 Oct 2023

        This phone is great if your looking for a second hand phone or if yo u cant afford new phone this phone has been with me in the bad times and good times but its very good the only thing that sucks is its 3gb of ram and 32gb of storage

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          • Aku Dan Aku
          • KLS
          • 09 Sep 2023

          Laggy as hell, the ui is sucks

          Hell nah

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            • Safir
            • XTJ
            • 26 Aug 2023

            It is so good phone and his build quality is superb
            I have used this phone since 2018 it will work all the time good but sometimes the phone got slow and laggy while playing some games like pubg free fire but the game like Call of duty GTA SA run very smooth and the camera quality is very decent acording to the year inwhich phone was released but the battery drains very fast int

              this phone was there for me and i had to sell it today just to help myself get a new phone, the phone becomes really slow and laggy when story is almost full, overtime it gets slow but apps run kinda fine, camera is so bad, battery drains fast, overall a 4/10 phone

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                • Anonymous
                • nUk
                • 10 Aug 2023

                i got this phone back in march of 2019 & been using it ever since. i did drop it in the toilet lol so the screen is messed up. i mainly use it for social media and not games, but OH MY GOD is it laggy... literally takes forever to load anything. i charge it 2-3 times a day since the battery just doesn't hold up as it used to. it's high time i get a new one, i've been thinking about getting the a54 which is a huge jump from this

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                  • West
                  • Nu6
                  • 10 Aug 2023

                  techy, 05 Aug 2023How can you use a phone released 2018 for 7 years? Do you h... moreHave been using my galaxy j5 since 2016 December

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                    • techy
                    • y6W
                    • 05 Aug 2023

                    How can you use a phone released 2018 for 7 years? Do you have special access to the phone as a dev? I find this is confusing..

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                      • Digi
                      • SXp
                      • 02 Aug 2023

                      Anonymous, 11 May 2023I don't know what Samsung was thinking when they creat... moreMy friend, I am an Android developer and I am using this phone for more than 7 years. The performance issue depends on what you are using it for. If your use is playing games, you might be correct. But this mobile is still great for a normal "phone/apps" use!

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                        • Anonymous
                        • K7d
                        • 24 Jun 2023

                        Anonymous, 18 Sep 2018Instead of J6 plus they should call it J6 minustrue

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                          • Anonymous
                          • K7d
                          • 24 Jun 2023

                          Anonymous, 18 Sep 2018Instead of J6 plus they should call it J6 minustrue

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                            • Anonymous
                            • mtk
                            • 11 May 2023

                            I don't know what Samsung was thinking when they created this thing. Everything on this phone is either really meh or really disappointing. The perfomance is about as good as the performance of the Iphone 4s, a phone that appeared 5 years before this thing popped into existence. The screen looks kind of okay but the bezels are HUGE. the cameras are also really "meh". The only thing this phone can get praised for is its battery life. You get around 5 to 6 hours of screen time. I'm surprised by the fact that this thing still gets sold for around 200 bucks almost 5 years later when you can get phones with quadruple the performance and better cameras for 50 bucks less. Just don't buy this thing. Get something like the A14.

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                              • Lezopex
                              • XTx
                              • 10 May 2023

                              This is the worst phone ever
                              Not made for gaming
                              Lags and and have many more
                              Bad things I don't like this phone personally 😔

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                                • Anonymous
                                • mGI
                                • 02 May 2023

                                the phone is ok for me and it is upgradeble to android 10 with one ui 2.
                                it works ok for surfing the web, watching youtube videos and for social media.
                                it dont have smart view to mirror phone screen to tv.

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                                  • Kuba3294
                                  • MyF
                                  • 24 Apr 2023

                                  *It's updatable to Android 10 btw

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                                    • Tauland
                                    • 0TF
                                    • 26 Mar 2023

                                    It is ok for me

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                                      • Sarwar ansari
                                      • YQ@
                                      • 23 Feb 2023

                                      Best phone

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                                        • Okirika
                                        • X5u
                                        • 27 Jan 2023

                                        Alien, 27 Dec 2022So I shouldn't buy the phone 🙃 😕 I want to buy Galaxy j5