Samsung Galaxy J7 Max

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max

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  • S.sahoo

I brought this model in April 2018.After use of six months it's rear camera started to fade.The image quality was bad.It's rear camera captured bad quality images.After one year it's front camera also faded away.Now both cameras are bad.It is very shame to capture image.After one year Audio jack stopped functioning.Other features are still working.

  • Anonymous

It use jio sims yes or no

  • Amit

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2021good phone, I have been using it for 4 years I am also using 4 years . Now good condiion

  • Anonymous

good phone, I have been using it for 4 years

  • tehami

Using it since 2018.. Once it was providing good service... now it is disghusting to use.......

  • Coolrider25

I've been using A9pro 2016 and my Gf has been using J7max, both the phones are like brothers , the only thing is the size , both these phone has suttle differences and they work so good, the only thing is they get heated up, for the price point and the performance it is quite a decent phone , and its versatile all thanks to samsung

  • Anonymous

Binod Maharjan, 30 Jun 2021I am using this phone since 5 years. 3 years for me

  • Raju

This phone was running perfectly since 2018. After last software update i am shocked to see its performance and its absolutely disgusting. How come such a nice phone turning into shit!! It hangs a lot and display stucks. Sometimes it shows "system UI not responding" what the fuk buddy?? I am sure its juat a software problem. I have heard about custom rom installation. Somebody help me and explain this. I dont afford to buy another in this covid situation.

  • GUL

its a piece of art

  • Binod Maharjan

I am using this phone since 5 years.

  • Rahul

Worth for money good phone

  • Arif

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2021The best phone samsug glaxy 7 mix.Thank you.My wifi bluetooth hotspot not on

  • Mister x

I used in 3 year finished it's a very good phone thanks for samsung

  • Anonymous

I am using this mobile phone since last 3.5 year and still it is working smoothly ......A awesome product by samsung...

  • Anonymous

The best phone samsug glaxy 7 mix.Thank you.

  • Samandarmarwat

I use since 3 years j7max it's a best phone thanks for Samsung

  • jay

1844, 13 Jan 2020Am having the same problem.... Hoping for a software update... morelet me help you out

  • Sharyar

Kaleemullah, 24 Sep 2020J7maxSamsung j7 max get pie update or not

  • Kaleemullah

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2020Next software pie update plsJ7max

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2020Next software pie update plsThe phone is okay but atleast it should get android 9 update so that its performance should incease