Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt

Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt

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  • RestlessMayhem
  • x{6
  • 08 Mar 2024

I had this phone since 2017. Its still working and all. The only problem I had is the battery. I will kinda miss this phone since I cant find a suitable working original battery. But this phone is built differently since I drop it and it rolled from 2nd floor to the ground, submerged it for at least 10 minutes in a pool of water and it managed to survived. I loved this phone but alas my battery gave up a shame really.

    Ngl, It's The Fact That This Old Phone I Had The Samsung Galaxy J7 Core, Literally Beats My Old Samsung Galaxy J4+, For It's Performance And Storage, Like I Am Quite Shook, That's Why I Preferred This Phone When I Had Both Of Them, Like My Samsung Galaxy J4+, Could Nevah, Like That Sh*t Would Be Flopping With Lags, Meanwhile My Samsung Galaxy J7 Core, Can Open Multiple Apps Without Even Lagging, So Overall Imma Rate This A Solid 10 Stars, For The Storage An 8.9 Stars, And For The Design + Perfomance, Is An 9.7 Stars, So Mh Final Ratings Is 10 Stars.

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      • Iskandar Sahar
      • K1I
      • 12 Jan 2024

      My current phone, replaced my Samsung Galaxy A23, This is my experience using my phone.

      1. 5.5" Super AMOLED 16:9 Display, screen ratio 16:9 never beat 6.6" 21:9 PLS LCD Display used in the Samsung Galaxy A23

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        • Anonymous
        • GR$
        • 25 Oct 2023

        mylz, 14 Sep 2023Did you replace the battery?Yes

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          • SBk
          • gNR
          • 05 Oct 2023

          mylz, 14 Sep 2023Does this phone expandable to microsd If you have the old version os like 5.1/6.0_1 you can make external sd card as internal storage.

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            • mylz
            • uS@
            • 14 Sep 2023

            Vicky , 22 May 2023Its 2023 now and this device works really well I have playe... moreDid you replace the battery?

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              • mylz
              • uS@
              • 14 Sep 2023

              Does this phone expandable to microsd

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                • Vicky
                • X%d
                • 22 May 2023

                Its 2023 now and this device works really well I have played some heavy games in this phone like hungry shark evolution till now camera is superb and battery backup is awesome of the device

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                  • MOHSIN batti
                  • Dka
                  • 18 May 2023

                  Shaurya, 07 May 2023In 2023 surprisingly it is working well despite the battery... moreSamsung galaxy j7 nxt 32gb 3ram

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                    • Shaurya
                    • vG1
                    • 07 May 2023

                    In 2023 surprisingly it is working well despite the battery. Very good performance on light tasks no glitter.
                    I have installed crandroid 10 ROM on this phone and it is still pretty usable.

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                      • dsn
                      • U@m
                      • 01 May 2023

                      6 years passed still this phone is working while my redmi 8 and redmi note 10 pro went dead ,only battery drain problem

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                        • Amol
                        • CbA
                        • 07 Mar 2023

                        Still using this phone..except battery problem no issues at still astonish about how good the screen is ..super amoled...dam its beauty

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                          • Savy Sachi
                          • gMA
                          • 03 Mar 2023

                          This is the average phone of Samsung i have ever received the battery problem ,hang problem & memory slot disturbance, Headphone slot disturbance always troubled me seriously..

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                            • Lipu
                            • 6p}
                            • 02 Mar 2023

                            My first android and lucky phone. After 5 years, without a few battery problem it is a good Experienced phone.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • tE%
                              • 13 Feb 2023

                              I am using this phone from last 5 years, this is one of the best phones from Samsung. Battery life cannot be expected for more than 3-4 years but this mobile supported with stock battery till 5 years. I have only one concern i.e. while buying i would have bought 3gb 32gb instead of 2gb 32 gb to avoid internal memory less issue.
                              Mobile still looks as brand new !!

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                                • shailesh palaye
                                • iiV
                                • 13 Feb 2023

                                5 year use but battry problem

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • fu8
                                  • 04 Feb 2023

                                  Lovely phone ❤💯

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                                    • Iftakhar Tarik Hassa
                                    • X$3
                                    • 29 Dec 2022

                                    Really nice phone. After using 5 years now have been fallen into battery problem.
                                    If I get replaced battery, I would like to use it more.

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                                      • Sheshmani yadav
                                      • Dkb
                                      • 20 Oct 2022

                                      Anonymous, 15 Sep 20227 years of using this phone,and it's working well till yet.Supar

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                                        • SomSS
                                        • gML
                                        • 26 Sep 2022

                                        Ab, 18 Sep 2022It was released in 2017, how can it be 7 years?Samsung J7 Nxt was released in 2017 but Samsung J7 was released back in 2015. That was much better phone then. J7 Nxt contains Exynos processor whereas J7 has Snapdragon.