Samsung Galaxy M10

Samsung Galaxy M10

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  • Fakradin

Bilal , 08 Jan 2020 I install compass app .but cannot use with m10 phone. ... moreIt doesn't compass

  • Karen

Rating 7/10 because there is 16GB series like an old phone

  • im ryan

Highbury, 22 Sep 2021you can "factory reset" first, then upgradeweird...gsmarena says it can only updat to android pie 9.

  • Anonymous

Shuvo, 18 Apr 2020My mom and cousin has M10. It really works good. It's batte... moreYa cousin mom is in battery save mode

  • Highbury

Don, 24 Mar 2021I currently have Android 9 on my galaxy M10. The update fo... moreyou can "factory reset" first, then upgrade

Samsung have just downgraded the security updatesfor M10 from Quarterly to Biannual recently since this is an entry-level smartphone that was released 2 years ago. Samsung is expected drop support for M10 next year.

  • Azmera

Samsung Galaxy M100 is it LTE 4G working ?

  • Don

I currently have Android 9 on my galaxy M10.
The update for android 10 is avaliable and requires about 1Gb. I am running low on storage.
Does anyone know if the android 9 storage space will be uninstalled to clear storage, if I install Android 10?
How much storage will Android 10 take, compared to my current android 9 ?

  • PS 14

I am using this phone, Almost 2 years. Still working very fine.. battary too good..

  • null

Mahtm, 17 Dec 2020I can't use otg with my SM M10really? I already tried the otg feature when I bought it from the store, and it works really fine

  • Mahtm

I can't use otg with my SM M10

  • SGS

Still i didn't get One ui 2.1. Is it there for India & Srilanka.
It is better if double tap feature is there to wake up the screen like in M01.
Otherwise everytime need to press the power button.

  • Jaison

M10 is Very bad/poor in detecting wi-fi. Most of the time i have to take phone near router to connect. After connecting distance is not a problem.

  • Samsung User

CAVBR, 13 Jun 2020According to the Samsung Members roadmap, no. The Galaxy M... moreIt is upgraded to OneUI 2.1 (Android 10) with most Android 10 features .

  • Sold Heart

M10 is on android 10 now

  • Clay3010

My phone si update android 10 now

  • Shal

This not my other SAMSUNG phones . Touch isn't working properly . when using the one hand mode it cant understand the inputs. Without one hand mode my previous J5 working properly . And compare to used all other Samsung S1 S4 J5 J7 this is the worst one . Biggest problem is it dosen't getting enough 4G Signals . J4 and J7 working better than this . Finish quality is an another problem .

Zero, 30 Nov 2019Is this phone will be getting android 10 and ui 2 ?!. According to the Samsung Members roadmap, no.
The Galaxy M10 will not receive Android 10.

  • Shuvo

ahmed sayed, 27 Nov 2019selfie cam is very bad I think you should update your phone.

  • Shuvo

My mom and cousin has M10. It really works good. It's battery performance is great. But my M10's battery drains 2times faster than their M10. I don't know why it happens.