Samsung Galaxy M12

Samsung Galaxy M12

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  • nobody

BabarKhan, 11 Mar 2021Samsung is keeping the price of its mobiles high even with ... moreyeah you are right samsung is keeping us away from specs and other brands are keeping us away from security updates and software update

  • Venu

It's very good product and very nice mobile I have ever seen good hand grip and good battery life faster charging and good display....this phone processor speed is very good camera front and back side is very good its very comfortable and very good product thanks for releasing good products like this

  • Anonymous

Naresh, 09 Apr 2021Front camra so bad bad bad...I lost my belive from sams... moreBuy galaxy S21 ultra.
DSLR camera in smartphone.

  • Naresh

Front camra so bad bad bad...I lost my belive from samsung camra Mega camra best..

  • LAW321

Smg, 02 Apr 2021My samsung M12 android security patch level still 1 January... moreSamsung M12 will only have quarterly security updates, so the next update should come this month.

  • Anonymous

Will the M series be available in Brazil?

The sooner I get an answer the better?

  • Anonymous

Smg, 02 Apr 2021My samsung M12 android security patch level still 1 January... moreHow do I place a demand to buy?

  • Smg

My samsung M12 android security patch level still 1 January 2021. & No update available. Some of Nokia (old model) already got March 2021. Is anyone having same problem?

  • Suri

1.Display screen Looking good but personally thinking size is bit more
2. Touch screen - If you r watching any youtube videos try to move frwrd r backwrd 10sec...bit not working
Install app like bhim..and check the numbers how it not synch with display
3.Front Camera Really is it 8mp..i doubt ...its very bad as i can compare to Nokia 5mp camera is best compare to this...
Rear camera...48mp camera...huff just number only r not satisfied resolution...not upto the mark
4.Battery back up with calls around 15min and regular whatsapp fb usage drained 50% for 14hours..this is good
4.Charging 100% it will take approx 2.5hrs tis s not good...and tey mentioned fast charging

Need to check for few more days fr the overal pergormance

  • Anonymous

LAW321, 27 Mar 2021I don't understand Poco M3 with 6000mAH battery wei... moreNot all phones are structured the same

  • Anonymous

I don't understand why this phone have a 90hz display, and the A21s just a 60hz, and both have the same chipset, what r u doing samsung

  • LAW321

I don't understand

Poco M3 with 6000mAH battery weighs only197gms.

How come this phone also with 6000mAH battery weighs 221gms.

chand ji, 25 Mar 2021Is galaxy m 12 supports otg ???Ofcorse its support otg

  • chand ji

Is galaxy m 12 supports otg ???

  • True man

True 48 mp camera haaa.. And the processor not capable of processing it atlast dull photos so better go for redmi or any other device with snapdragon 700 series at least.

Poco f1 has some life like true images i have seen yet

  • Anonymous

Why do people think the Exynos 850 is bad? A competing SoC like the SD660/665 is only about 20% faster in CPU, 15% in GPU, yet still isn't good enough for gaming. It can definitely handle a 720p phone well

  • Vishal

My samsung M12 doesn't have ejection pin and manual is this normal ? Will I be able to replace this product and get a new one ?

  • A01 user

UJ, 17 Mar 2021I am in need of a new phone and was about to buy M12 off Am... moreI use a01 with tft display. You can see the display at all viewing angels properly without any problem. Colors are natural and real, but not vivid as oled displays. If you want perfect display look at m21 too. It has stronger chipset and fhd oled display with slightly higher price.

If you dont use your smartphone as a ps the exynos 850 is an 8 nm decend processor at low end level and dont has any heating issue.

Only deficiency with this device is 720 resolution.

UJ, 17 Mar 2021I am in need of a new phone and was about to buy M12 off Am... morecheck out poco,moto,realme and nokia under 12k

  • LAW321

Nobody, 18 Mar 2021You are wrong In this phone you will get best battery li... moreSamsung M12 is good but Moto G30 is better here

Close to Stock Android experience.
5000 mAh battery with charging of 20W.
64mpx camera.
Career aggregation.