Samsung Galaxy M13 5G

Samsung Galaxy M13 5G

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  • 09 Sep 2022

We need qualcomm 4th series gen 1 new mobile cpu for samsung a14 5g phone. We need the display size 6.1" only. Otherwise we never buy the samsung phones in furture.

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    • KiM
    • 25 Aug 2022

    downgrade the screen resolution just for the higher refresh rate? And the camera only have 2 now just for the 5G connection? I don't think it's worth it to buy

      I got this phone for my Dad. It's good for day to day use.
      It may not be a specs champion, but it does the tasks very well that it is supposed to do, without any problems.
      I got rid of unwanted apps and that's all. It's working great. WhatsApp, calls, messages,email, BHIM, online shopping and kind of stuff works great on it.

      For those who are wanting to play games and have graphics intensive tasks, should definitely NOT BUY this.

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        • 16 Aug 2022

        friy, 04 Aug 2022Samsung always using out of fashionable hadware spec and ve... moreTech is not fashion. It's about whats most logical and stable. If you want to catch with fashion buy a chinese phone... They will put a ryzen 9 in a a320 motherboard just to win the spec war .. So goodluck.

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          • Swaraj
          • DkA
          • 13 Aug 2022

          Anonymous, 03 Aug 2022there is no reason to remove 0.5$ proximity sensor unless y... moreIt's not about the money, it's about the aesthetics

            Anonymous, 03 Aug 2022there is no reason to remove 0.5$ proximity sensor unless y... morefor them, proximity sensor costs like $$$$$$$$$$$ to manufacture

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              • 04 Aug 2022

              Biovm, 03 Aug 20225G bands network Bad : 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20, 28, 38, 40, 41, S... moreSamsung always using out of fashionable hadware spec and very low quality of hardware spec for A series phones.
              I have a good experience for A30 samsung phone.
              When I buy that phone they given 1 year warranty (as usual). Beginning of the month like 3-4 months phone works extremely. But the problem is started with first update. After that phone is getting stuck then and there , touch is working 10s delay , earphone sound is getting low and somany issues are gatherings with their first update. After that every update new issues are appearing for next 14 months. Oneday I upgrade to samsung new os and next month (15th month) I received security update for my phone and that also i installed and restarted the phone (it automatically restarting after the update as usual for all Samsung phone) , that time my phone doesn't show any thing on screen (samsung logo) and phone also can't restart with power button. Finally i took it to Samsung service center. They checked my mobile and told me that your phone motherboard is weak and you have to change your motherboard. Then i asked the price for A30 motherboard. The price is 3/4 of the new A31 (2020 model) and i was shocked for the price that they told me. Finally I refuse to do the repair for A30.
              I want to know does samsung security update (knox) damaged my phone because phone manufacturers are gving warranty for hardware not they are giving for software.
              Samsung spare parts are very expensive compare to phone price, I think this is a marketing statics to buy new phone. I like knox but finally I loose my hope for samsung phone.

              Now I'm using note 10 phone almost 2 years without any issues. Not only me my colleagues also moved from Samsung to Xiaomi and Realme.

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                • Njg
                • 03 Aug 2022

                there is no reason to remove 0.5$ proximity sensor unless you want to scam

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                  • 03 Aug 2022

                  Anonymous, 03 Aug 20222 years old processor. despite being 2 year old it's still pretty good for a phone with such price

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                    • mVA
                    • 03 Aug 2022

                    you have to suffer, 02 Aug 2022dimensity = diamond city close enough2 years old processor.

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                      • Biovm
                      • mVA
                      • 03 Aug 2022

                      5G bands network Bad : 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20, 28, 38, 40, 41, SA / NSA only.

                        Somelamegeek, 26 Jul 2022You buy this phone for 5G compatible CPU. Also A13 on Exyno... morehelio p35 version is shite i own the a12 before i got the poco m3 pro. it was slow and sluggish. i only use yt and it froze in 5 seconds. even opening file manager app, i have to wait for 10 seconds. it boils my blood like wth. it performs like galaxy j1

                          Anonymous, 02 Aug 2022did you said diamond city 😂🤩dimensity = diamond city
                          close enough

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                            • 02 Aug 2022

                            you have to suffer, 25 Jul 2022720p is good at playing games for you??? lol enjoy pixelati... moreLooks like you know nothing about IPS display. Users who need colour accuracy uses high quality IPS display. Movie and photo colour grading monitors are IPS. And studios pay top dollor for those IPS monitor.

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                              • XFN
                              • 02 Aug 2022

                              Fswer, 02 Aug 2022Samsung galaxy M13 5G. Announced : March 2020 Diamond C... moredid you said diamond city 😂🤩

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                                • friy
                                • SYx
                                • 02 Aug 2022

                                Xiaomi phone is using too much of advertisement, if they stop those advertisement Xiaomi is best for android phone (bcz their hardware spec is solid and we can use atleast 5years without any issues).

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                                  • Fswer
                                  • mVA
                                  • 02 Aug 2022

                                  Samsung galaxy M13 5G.

                                  Announced : March 2020 Diamond City 700 processor.

                                  Price 150 us$.

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                                    • iwp
                                    • 29 Jul 2022

                                    friy, 24 Jul 2022What about A23 5g phone details. I'm waiting to buy sa... moreSamsung A23 5g cost e300. Even this cpu isn't qualcomm 7th series this is 6th series and gpu is very old spec (2015), for this cpu and hardware spec price is too much. I think xiaomi 5g phone is best choice for me bcz price is low compared to samsung and hardware also solid and now they are giving android os update also. Now xiaomi is doing very well compare to samsung.


                                      Somelamegeek, 26 Jul 2022Trust me- you don't need ultrawide which is that badwell then this should have only 1 rear camera. not dual with useless sensor.

                                        Song Teck Lim , 24 Jul 2022A13 PLS 1080 p (better a13 display)😀 M13 PLS 720p👎You buy this phone for 5G compatible CPU. Also A13 on Exynos is a laggy trash (the Helio version is nice tho).