Samsung Galaxy M20 lands in the EU, yours for €229

Vlad, 12 March 2019

Samsung announced the Galaxy M20 back in January, and we've since seen it launch in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Ukraine. Now it's finally time for the handset to hit the EU as well, and the first two markets from the bloc where it's available are Italy and Spain.

In both cases, you'll need to shell out €229 to receive an unlocked and SIM-free unit, which you can purchase from Amazon (see the two Source links below). Unsurprisingly, the phone is a bit more expensive in the EU than in the other territories where it launched, as is usually the case. Then again, the only version being sold in the EU is the top one with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

Now that it's firmly set foot in the EU, expect to see the Galaxy M20 become available in other countries in the bloc very soon, and probably for similar pricing.

Source 1 (in Italian) | Source 2 (in Spanish) | Via


Reader comments

Grats 126 euros in India and 220 in europe. What people at Samsung thinking. This is pure robbery. Hey guys i really think when we stop support this greedy company which pisss on their customers every single day they will understand and real...

for over eur 200 you does not even get a proper - ambient light sensor - you will have to enjoy - virtual light sensor - instead lol Dont let you be fooled with that kind of marketing bullshits. Check for user reviews on amazon India!...

  • Zero

Heck, even new Nokia is catching Samsung and even bypass them

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