Samsung Galaxy M21 2021

Samsung Galaxy M21 2021

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MNITIN, 05 Sep 2022after using for 18 months samsung m21 regularly it is getti... moreAre you using 128GB SD card in your phone?
I got this auto restart problem in my m21 when I inserted 128GB microSD card card. When I removed it & inserted 64GB card, then this problem didn't arise again.

    after using for 18 months samsung m21 regularly it is getting switch off and switch all reviews its a common fault in m21. can company rectify it free of cost. in samsung authorise repaire centre they say its a motherboard problame and will cost around 6000.

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      • Sarim
      • ki$
      • 20 Jul 2022

      People do senseless comments. You all should comment related to the Pros and cons.
      And be accurate in writing those Pros and cons. Don't write comments for the sake of just writing. Bullshit.

        Raj , 27 Aug 2021Display is good, Exynos 9611 heats very fast. Please update... moreheating is normal in entry level phones....

          VI, 29 Aug 2021Hi Raj, I think may be this phone GPU is old (introduced in... moreYou are very wrong. Although the Mali-G72 MP3 GPU this phone has was introduced in 2018, it supports all modern graphics APIs like OpenGL ES 3.2, Vulkan 1.0, OpenCL 2.0, DirectX 12 FL11_1 and Renderscript. Anyway, you cannot expect extreme flaghip performance in a cheap entry level phone like this one. Heating is normal and should be expected. It has nothing to do with drivers. Please go learn some facts before you try to teach others...

            Recently I've seen that after a missed call or missed alarm, the screen doesn't turn off (lock) automatically. I have to do it manually. So if I come back 15 mins after a missed call, I find that the screen has been on all this time. Anyone else facing this problem? And any solution?

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              • Anonymous
              • upi
              • 07 Jun 2022

              After updating Android version 12 one ui 4.1 not working pm awaas app uploading photo it has high accuracy problem plese solved emiditaly

                mr108, 19 May 2022Any problems that appeared after the update? How is the ba... moreI haven't found any problems after the update. In fact, it has become faster, especially when using the browser. The battery backup has also increased but I can't say for sure if it is because of this update or not, because I installed Greenify around the same time as this update and the increase could be because of Greenify.

                The only problem I've faced is that the app ScreenshotGo by Mozilla has stopped working.

                One problem that I was hoping would go away was the heating issue, but I haven't noticed any drastic reduction in heating after this update.

                  JoJo88, 14 May 2022I just updated to OneUI 4.1 and I can confirm that automati... moreAny problems that appeared after the update?
                  How is the battery consumption compared to before the update?

                    Kishore, 13 May 2022Samsung galaxy m 21 ,2021 edition is got widevine L1 certif... moreI used the "DRM Info" app and it says M21 2021 has Widevine L1 support.

                      JoJo88, 10 May 2022I've received a notification for an Android 12 OneUI 4... moreI just updated to OneUI 4.1 and I can confirm that automatic call recording works.

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                        • Kishore
                        • 7k3
                        • 13 May 2022

                        Samsung galaxy m 21 ,2021 edition is got widevine L1 certificate details please reply friends

                          I've received a notification for an Android 12 OneUI 4.1 upgrade. Does this upgrade disable call recording?

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                            • Jojo
                            • 7k4
                            • 10 May 2022

                            I've received a notification for the new Android 12 OneUI 4.1 upgrade. Does it disable call recording, or does it still work?

                              This phone does not support 128GB MicroSD card, as per my experience.
                              Whenever I insert this microSD into the phone, the phone keeps auto restarting and heats up.
                              But, if I remove the microSD and insert any other lower size microSD (

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                                • Suresh
                                • D0Y
                                • 01 May 2022

                                Anonymous, 10 Nov 2021they did, the galaxy S5 xDDDDDFriends, please suggest me a good tempered glass for Samsung galaxy m21 2021 without bezels.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • nUL
                                  • 13 Mar 2022

                                  This phone is the spec boosted Samsung A50

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                                    • Onthface
                                    • X$W
                                    • 06 Mar 2022

                                    Pranit2020, 11 Sep 2021I feel the Super Amoled display is fake. I have a 2 year ol... moreYou must be Amoled blind

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • uws
                                      • 28 Feb 2022

                                      If ever have a wish to buy a good mobile pls dont buy this it is just waste of money they claim to have 6000mah battery but 1500 mah will perform far better than this.... nothing is worthy in this mbl ... literally just irritating frustrating ... i am regretting daily for buying this mbl

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                                        • GD
                                        • bCX
                                        • 23 Feb 2022

                                        dose autocall recording supported or not