Samsung Galaxy M23

Samsung Galaxy M23

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Yext, 04 Mar 202260hz TFT? Okay Samsung.*120 hz ips

    sq2013, 24 Mar 2022290 euros for that. I bought my Poco F3 for 282 euros. They... more215 EUR in my region. Not bad for the price considering the Poco F3 is 325 EUR

      Anonymous, 25 Mar 2022Trash tier terminal for the price. I'd be ok at 150. Emmc.not emmc. ufs 2.1

        Anonymous, 18 Apr 2022Just get the superior A52 5G with Amoled 120hz, better came... moreIn my area anyways, the M23 is about 1050 RON ($220) and the A52 5G is about 1300 RON ($270). Pretty noticeable difference.

          Anonymous, 26 Apr 2022Btw how's everyone's experiencing using m23 for d... measured that the IPS on the M23 is brighter than the AMOLED screen on the A42 5G. Not all IPS or AMOLED screens are equal. The A42 5G is better in response time and color accuracy, but those are not as much of a problem, especially if you don't do extensive gaming and content consumption.

            Chul, 17 Jun 2022F23 is much better than m32 (price also).M23 and F23 are literally the exact same phone.

              KDW, 29 Apr 20225G, can it be switched off? Scarce coverage and it drain... more5G can be switched off on every Android phone in the mobile data settings.

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                • Flavio
                • 85u
                • 04 Jul 2022

                DOUNAL TRAM , 05 Mar 202260Hz is still ok. But, the use of TFT is disappointingNot at all, I have A71 Amoled and M23 TFT, and M23 looks better, everything is crispy and tinny text is more readable in TFT screens

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                  • Avinash Patil
                  • rKA
                  • 02 Jul 2022

                  OhWow, 30 Jun 2022Samsung A32 VS M23 Which one is better? (they are in the sa... moreGo with Samsung M23 it's better than A32.

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                    • KDW
                    • arQ
                    • 01 Jul 2022

                    Does this phone have OTG via USB cable?

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                      • OhWow
                      • Kxc
                      • 30 Jun 2022

                      Samsung A32 VS M23 Which one is better? (they are in the same price)

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                        • Nora
                        • wrj
                        • 28 Jun 2022

                        Should I but this one or Samsung A52s?

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                          • Gu
                          • t0L
                          • 28 Jun 2022

                          too much cost, not valid for money.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • LHj
                            • 20 Jun 2022

                            Chul, 17 Jun 2022F23 is much better than m32 (price also).Its the same phone, renamed for India

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                              • Chul
                              • f}I
                              • 17 Jun 2022

                              F23 is much better than m32 (price also).

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                                • SmiD
                                • y}$
                                • 10 Jun 2022

                                shaq1907, 20 May 2022Is there anyone here using this phone? I read somewhere tha... moreNope, i got this phone last week. everything run very smooth and nicely. this is a really good phone.

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                                  • milan
                                  • vaS
                                  • 10 Jun 2022

                                  Rikulus, 02 Jun 2022I have version 4/128 deep green. Phone works good. I seen s... moregot this phone yesterday. And i have to say,,this is such a very good phone. Very fast and responsive, nice cameras and battery life. It may be tft lcd, but colors are decent. Lovin it👌💕

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                                    • Rikulus
                                    • Ldp
                                    • 02 Jun 2022

                                    I have version 4/128 deep green. Phone works good. I seen some review that phone is slow and everything needs time to run. This is a lie. Phone is fast and responsive.
                                    Somehow screen looks nice, probably thanks to high refresh rate. After 1 week of using I didn't find any problem. For this price it is good phone with 4 year of support.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • xhm
                                      • 30 May 2022

                                      Maybe sAmoled 90hz , and minimal 20mp front camera better for m23, and m33 .

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • x{6
                                        • 29 May 2022

                                        Somelamegeek, 29 May 2022As you called "premium offerings" ALSO don't... moreI'm not misleading anybody. When I said "more premium" offerings, I was referring to the A series Samsung phones (A51, A71) that were more expensive. Both Samsung phones came with a superfast (25W) charger, a built in plastic screen protector, a free jelly case and even 3.5mm earphones in some countries in the sealed box. Not all A series phones have them though. The cheaper ones usually don't come with any. Not sure about the more recent 2022 A series releases.