Samsung Galaxy M32 5G

Samsung Galaxy M32 5G

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This phone should have had LCD 90/120 Hz with Full HD Display..... Samsung wants more profit margin for this phone.. soon this phone will come down to 15k to 16k INR, wait for Navratri/Diwali sale.....
This phone will be crushed by Motorola Edge 20 fusion....

  • Anonymous 2.0

DEAR Samsung, please don't use (🤮) mediatek...stick with exynos!
You need new Exynos chips for this sub-20k price range phones!

  • Anonymous 2.0

M51 at same price on Amazon! 😆
I'll tell dad to save money for this then I'll buy m51! Stonks!

  • Anonymous

Aziz, 02 Sep 2021In such an extremely competitive market such as India, its ... moreNot just for budget phones, Samsung seems to be downgrading every single line including their flagships. Previously, S20 had a 1440p display and now the S21 has a 1080p screen...

  • Sa

TFT display under 20000 shame Samsung
Learn by xioami,& realme

  • Gtk

Why samsung introduce under value phones in indian just doesn't make any sense..

  • ammkhan

biggest weak point of this phone is TFT DISPLAY, remaining all is well... It would have come with IPS with Gorilla glass 5 protection.

  • Alpha1574

Over 20k for something that comes with TFT screen in 2021 is not worth it, what's more it's a waste to buy 5G handset now at least in India since no operator supports the same atm. I don't understand what was going through the mind of engineers when they chose TFT for this this handset in this price segment.

Theory1: Going Forward, Samsung may not be providing better phones between the price range (12k to 20k INR). Since Samsung is supplying components (AMOLED Display, RAM, Storage, Battery, Camera Sensor, etc) to their customers (competitors), they cannot release a competent phone in the same price range, which means Samsung is going to lose the budget segment and to certain extent the mid range as well.... How many users would buy A52s 5g is also a question due to its pricing? My assumption/expectation is, Samsung must have upcoming better phones in the 20k to 30k INR price segment in this year.

Theory2: It could be that the component shortage is pulling Samsung down this year, as they might have huge component orders fulfillment for their customers (competitors). Hence we might start seeing better phones in the 12k-20k INR only in the first half of the next year with the assumption that we will come out of pandemic by then.

  • Aziz

In such an extremely competitive market such as India, its very shocking to see Samsung scrapping so many usual things people see in this price range (assuming this is 20-25k)
60 Hz TFT screen instead of 120 HzAmoled. I though Samsung manufactured Amoled for nearly phones? No UFS, subpar processor, 1080p recording at 30fps?, no real proximity sensor, no in display fingerprint sensor, no fast charging. The only thing going for this phone is 12 bands of 5G, which is pretty much useless in India atleast for next 2 years. But people will yet fall for it. Very poor, go for MI/IQOO or Motorola.

  • Komal Shah

TFT screen in 2021 screen at this price band is unacceptable. There are better phone available in market. Phone which weighs above 180gm is unusable in most use cases. Don't waste money purchasing this phone. Also, this phone does not support all 5G band and millimeter wave.

  • Anonymous

The processor chipset is supported by 5G, but does not yet support the new version Wi-Fi 6 GHz and 6 E GHz. Why is that not so?

That is the end of glorious Day with M series. So sad, M series maybe has positioned for better sales of A series in my opinion. I'll stay with my M21

  • Anonymous

I feel bad for people buying this phone

  • Rj

Display Lcd ???

  • Uus

Anonymous 2.0, 27 Aug 2021M22 and M52 needs to be powered by snapdragon,thus they... moreThe higher the number the better the spec that's common sense in samsung A and M series, so i have optimism about the M52. The M22 is better story, if the M32 is like this then the M22 should be much worse, pray that i'm wrong.

  • Bonny

Lol eMMC storage! 720p display.

  • Anonymous 2.0

Keep providing stock of m31, m21 and m31s! They're better than this!

  • Fi

Why 6.5" 720p IPS tho

  • Vir

Mohammed.althwadi, 26 Aug 2021this device is pure garbage and so embarrassing tf samsung... moreWow so many fanhard for xiaomi....

In indonesia so many too, and they scare xiaomi phone had problem, so many complain xiaomi but they still buy maybe stupid people..

Maybe they want want samsung with high chipset, and cost like xiaomi..