Samsung Galaxy M32 5G

Samsung Galaxy M32 5G

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Dan, 25 Aug 2021What? Mi lite 5g is almost 400euros and this is 220eurosSomeone fixed it. 2 days ago it was 370 eur on the page. And tha Mi 11 lite 5G can be bought under 300 depends on vendor.

  • Dan

CptPower, 24 Aug 2021Plenty of better phones everywhere for price up to 250. M... moreWhat? Mi lite 5g is almost 400euros and this is 220euros

  • Dan

Another samsung with ugly notch and large bezel on the bottom. Has not even FHD screen. Man, even cheapest last year xiaomi eats this for breakfast. What are you doing samsung? At least you had best looking phones in the past, what's this???

  • Anonymous

SS, 25 Aug 2021Dont overlook data security.. All cheap phone negotiate wi... moreCheap phones include all Android phones, lol. If you have money, you should only get an iPhone.

720p LCD display for 19k???
Moto Edge 20 fusion is way better!!!

Samsung trying Nokia way

  • SS

Black , 24 Aug 2021So we used to buy Samsung phones for the impressive Super A... moreDont overlook data security..
All cheap phone negotiate with your data privacy

ALAS! Dead On Arrival
Sammy you are the market leader in (AMOLED) screen display, why not introduce a 5 inch or lesser sized HD+ display... monster sized screen needs a FULL HD screen... Dont you get it... price should have been less than 18K INR.... if you want to reap more profits by overpricing a similar specifications phone compared to the competitor, then think out of the box: provide 3 years of OS upgrade and 2 years of hardware warranty.....

  • Black

So we used to buy Samsung phones for the impressive Super Amoled display, and they decided to put 720p LCD on 5G Overpriced phone... Just RIP.
Xiaomi did a really better job with many of their phones.

Plenty of better phones everywhere for price up to 250.
Mx Xiaomi Mi 11 lite 5G cost less than this and is a lot better device.

  • Truth

ONE PLUS N200 5G is 100% better than this phone.

  • Pradeep Kumar

VR expecting under display fingerprint sensor on Samsung brands

  • bresta

Isn't this a downgrade from M31 2020? Omg

Design looks gr8 (and reminds Sony), but atleast there should have been Full HD LCD Screen in M32 5g.... Last thing is, atleast price it right (< 18K INR) or its going to be dead on arrival....

Not sure which model will save Samsung in 2021.... In 2019 two handsets stood out, A50 (due to Premium, but affordable) & M30S (due to industry first 6000 mAh)... In 2020, M31/F41 stood out (due to Value For Money)..... In 2021, probably only one handset M21 2021 (due to Value For Money) will save Samsung...

Specs War has begun, people are also getting smart every year.... No Full HD AMOLED 90/120Hz screen means then Samsung is losing big... Its ok with HD AMOLED 90/120HZ screen, but the screen size should be at 5"...

Sammy please atleast bring back 5" screen and removable battery, if you are choosing LCD screen.....

  • Tatsam

Samsung is going down and down day by day because of the LCD screens. We want the amoled back. They give 720p or LCD or one ui core or something is really missing in there phones below 20k INR.

does anyone really use that 2mp camera? in 2022 people want at least a 90hz display on a midrange phone..too much things are just wrong with this phone

  • Unni kunni

Good bye samsung....
TFT lcd HD+ notch display for 200+ usd


  • Anonymous

12 band 5G.
200 u.s. $.

This phone better not be anything more than 230$.

I don't know when Samsung would decide to abandon substandard screens.