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Samsung Galaxy M40

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  • Jase

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2019Very good m40 mobileWhen will the galaxy m40 be available in trinidad;-can someone please tell me

  • Jeet manna

I don't know what is samsung trying to do by making this phone at this price segment.
Like literally it's one of the most fraudulent phones ever made by any company. (even cheap Chinese clones give better specs)
Anyways, the 32 mp primary which is having pixel size of 0.8 um after pixel binning is roughly 8 mp(well it's not a joke)
Who gives 8 mp cam at this price?
And the worst part is the screen like seriously TFT?

  • 007paddy

Eagerly waiting for m30s

  • Gunawan

Amit Sujauddin, 13 Sep 20191). Yes-No 2). No 3). No 4). Yes 5). No 6). No-Yes 7). No ... moreI wanna buy M30s launching sept 18 in india

  • Gunawan

I'am waiting for M30s than this one

Thas, 04 Jul 2019Samsung galaxy M 30 S. (Exynos 9610 has a higher clock speed of ... more1). Yes-No
2). No
3). No
4). Yes
5). No
6). No-Yes
7). No
8). No
9). Yes
Galaxy M30S has Exynos 9611 Chipset

Pratik Doke, 24 Aug 2019Missing audio jack Average battery size Hybrid SIM slot No TP... moreAlso No 3.5mm headphone Jack Adapter

neogeo, 02 Aug 2019What about Europe? There are no M40 and no A60... Any info a... moreSamsung M series are not meant for European market, only for Asia, Middle East and African markets.

  • NK

worst phone ever I m using, samsung plz take it back from me, It is not comparable even J3-2016, which I was using, camera 0star, on call speaker sound worst, battery average, I thought it is samsung and is better than all other chnese brand but plz dont buy this M40

  • Anonymous

Chiku Odisha, 06 Aug 2019Very good phone M40, any problems this phone? Reply all friends Very good m40 mobile

Anonymous, 21 Aug 2019Exactly. They've almost almost similar camera specs with similar... moreComparing to an A9 2018 and also having used A50 extensively, I can say this much:

- A60/M40 has better rear camera especially in low-light. Differences in good light are not obvious vs. the A9 2018, but noticeable when compared to the A50.

- Front camera wise the A50 and M40 look similar to me, and I think M40 is slightly worse in low light than A50. Two issues are here: focal distance is too high, you can't click close up selfies and not have it blur. Secondly, low light selfie leads to a lot of noise. A9 2018 wins hands down because it has low focal distance meaning that I can click close up selfies easily.

The M40's selfie camera looks like it can be fixed via software update, so I'll be looking at a few updates to see how it goes.

The IPS/PLS screen is not at all bad, I don't know why people are calling it a negative. It is one of the better IPS/PLS screens I have seen in any device till now. Yes, it won't have the saturation of a Samsung AMOLED display, but forget that and compare with the competition and you'll find it holds up very well (colour balance is GREAT too, unlike AMOLED which overdoes the warm tones).

- This device would have been a superhit had it had a 3.5 mm jack. The lack of it puts a great stopper on an otherwise great device.

- The screen sound technology is MOSTLY fine, but has lower volume than your average speaker on the phone. It's difficult to talk while you are on a taxi, for example.

- The loudspeaker is great for music/multimedia. In fact one of the best Samsung phone speakers, just lacks a little bass but produces all the right tones.

- It has NFC at this price tag which the Chinese competitors do not.

I am hopeful this device will see a lot of improvements over time as I have had the A9 2018, a device which turned from bad cameraphone to good cameraphone over successive software updates...

PLS TFT is better than IPS Display, and it is superior but something less than SuperAmoled. However, red and black colors look better than in sAmoled display.
The agents of Chinese phone companies are ruling the roost here, criticizing the Samsung Phones. Samsung Phones are very nice, far better than the Chinese ones in terms of quality. If you have big budget, buy Apple phones, a bit less opt for Samsung and then you have little money go for Chinese brands, which are inferior in quality to Apple and Samsung. Even Japanese brands or Nokia phones are better than Chinese ones.

Please, don't make unnecessary noise only talking about specs of Chinese phones, which are certainly of inferior quality despite claims of high quality.

  • Anonymous

snapdragon 6150 or s, 22 Aug 2019the box of m40 it says the processor is snapdragon 675, but some... moreBro sm6175 is model name of series s675

Vaddu , 23 Aug 2019M40 main issue is batteryMissing audio jack
Average battery size
Hybrid SIM slot
No TPU case in the box

  • Vaddu

Chiku Odisha, 06 Aug 2019Very good phone M40, any problems this phone? Reply all friends M40 main issue is battery

  • snapdragon 6150 or s

the box of m40 it says the processor is snapdragon 675, but some apps i installed for seeing specs says it has snapdragon 6175.. why? please help

  • Anonymous

PKM1, 28 Jul 2019Compare the main camera and decide.It isn't trash as you have wr... moreExactly. They've almost almost similar camera specs with similar apertures. Including the selfie camera.

M40 outperforms A50. It has more powerful chipset that is 2 generations ahead of A50 chipset.

I think A50 owners insecure about their phone. They keep trying to trash talk other phones everywhere on this website.

[deleted post]Then what do you say for M30?.

Third class PLS TFT display. Samsung M30, A50 and A70 are far more better than the crap M40.

  • Anonymous

Disappointed it didn’t have amoled but still better pick than a50