Samsung Galaxy M42 to have a 6,000 mAh battery, multiple listings confirm

Yordan, 17 November 2020

Samsung’s Galaxy M lineup is famous for its huge batteries - most of the current devices have a 6,000 mAh power cell, and the Galaxy M51 goes even further with 7,000 mAh. According to multiple listings, a new phone is going to join the family, again with a mighty battery.

The device with a model number Samsung EB-BM425ABY is likely to be called Galaxy M42, and it appeared on 3C with 6,000mAh capacity.

Samsung EB-BM425ABY certifications Samsung EB-BM425ABY certifications Samsung EB-BM425ABY certifications
Samsung EB-BM425ABY certifications

Technically, the capacity listed at CCC is 5,830 mAh, which is likely the minimal charge, while the typical capacity is going to be 6,000 mAh. The very same device was also certified at DEKRA (an independent firm for certifying pretty much everything), as well as at BIS - The Bureau of Indian Standards.

Previously we had a Samsung Galaxy M40 that was a rebranded Galaxy A60, but no Galaxy M41 as Samsung only released a Galaxy M51 in that generation. However the model number clearly indicates the M4x series is coming back, while all those certifications suggest it's happening soon.



Reader comments

  • Peter O

That model will come to Europe also?

  • Saransh

When you say Exynos 880, you actually mean Exynos 850. The E 850 has a 8x A55 setup. The Exynos 880 & 980 are essentially the same chip, maybe with a 2% difference, both 5G.

  • Anonymous

Exynos 880 is similar to sd730g which is the present midrange processor that is being used widly.Now samsung never gave snapdragon equivalent processor in their midrange so them at first give exynoa 880 then we can dream for higher processor

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