Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 I9150

Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 I9150

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  • Ridds

Someone is selling brand new Samsung.Galaxy Mega Plus I9150 for $125 Still in the box and plastic wrap. Can anyone tell me if that's a good deal or rip off plz? It seems like a good deal but when looking around the web I find alot of vary in the prices. I'd appreciate any advice given. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

Lovely phone just bought it from eBay although it runs out of date software and there's no update meaning most apps and google chrome aren't compatible with it so quite disappointed

  • zelalem

I am using galaxy mega 2 phone but screen is broken how can I get spare?

  • TechDude

Beautiful phone, Nice battery life, not too good of a resolution though. I’m using this in 2019
Wouldn’t change a thing 5/5 ⭐️

  • JustAGamer

I’m using this phone in 2019 and I give it a 4/5 star rating it’s amazing it doesn’t die very quick either. Though there are other phones out there that are much better

  • Ankur

my mega i9150 is hanging too much...
please anyone can help me....
the fact is the i have no extra or unnecessary apps in my menu...
please please help me

  • Lou

Got this phone when launched and still using it now!
I just replaced the battery once last year.

  • Anonymous

I'm using 19158 which bought in 2016 in Hong Kong, before that it I used 19152 and used for several years until I crashed the lens accidentaly. Both Mega 5.8 phones I used are performing well, though battery needs to replaced after 1-2 years usage, and that's normal case to most lithium batteries. I really like that first the screen size is large, second is the light weight (even lighter than many other phones with smaller screen); and the pricing is very reasonable.

  • AnonD-760108

I have the modified version of this mobile which is i9152p (Mega plus) and although the specifications are the same as i9150 and the manual mentioned that it has no radio facility
i succeeded to make it operate a radio without connection to the internet but using a chineese software sometimes and the program named fspirit from google store . of course I should connect an earphone to work as antenna .
when the mobile heats up , I found that the reason is one of these things :
1- bad battery
2- cracked software (when the mobile hung up i downloaded an arabic cracked firmware)
3- Bad charger
4- bad charging cable
when I eliminated these reasons and revert back to the chineese original software
the mobile performed satisfactorily .

  • AnonD-758364

Raj, 22 Jul 2017Try me... Im using this phone for more than 4 years..yo dude I bought this phone since it's lanched and I'm still using it now

  • Alex

AnonD-527743, 18 Apr 2016my galaxy mega 5.8 has a problem, the camera was blurried a... moreI did is I put clear tape on the camera ..

  • Android User

whoever said this phone was "about $335" was high AF... it's about $60

  • AnonD-725455

is there any software update available ? i'm still waiting for new updates plss reply.

  • Anonymous

princesa63, 29 Jul 2017Can it be used in spanish?Setting, language, spanish. Since nokia 3310 you can do this (15 years ago)

  • MeekaM

I love it!! its fast, beautiful and it works really well.

  • princesa63

Can it be used in spanish?

  • Raj

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2017the phone interior and the exterior only last for 3 months.... moreTry me...
Im using this phone for more than 4 years..

  • Oren

Using this phone for 2-3 years and about to get new other smartphone because:
1. Battery drains fast
2. Camera bad quality, can't capture in low light
3. Often lag because of the RAM problem, very small
4. Overheat most of the time
5. The power button is loosed, can't worked anymore

It has fallen several time and surprisingly the screen didn't cracked, only the body which made of plastic has cracked. The screen is barely can be scratched.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2017no way the phone interior and the exterior only last for 3 months. the battery is no good

  • AnonD-154822

Try to visit this link below and follow instruction
Ask me if you need help