Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Review: Right on the mini

GSMArena team, 16 March 2011.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 360-degree spin

The Galaxy Mini S5570 is a cute little phone Ė more like a Corby than a smartphone proper. At 110.4 x 60.8 x 12.1 mm, the handset weighs 105 grams, which is just right. The screen certainly couldíve been bigger Ė itís an observation you just canít help. But the rest seems to make sense. The phone is all made of plastic but well put together and fingerprints are not an issue.

Design and construction

Unlike some superior smartphones, the Mini doesnít have to worry about being underdressed. It looks simple and plastciky but after a while you begin to appreciate the details: the lime color accents, the pattern of the rear and the subtle chin at the bottom of the phone. It looks fun and fresh. And itís nice to handle.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570
The Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 front

The front of the device features the 3.14Ē TFT touchscreen of QVGA resolution. Size and the low resolution are things you need to accept in a low-end smartphone.

Apart from that, the capacitive unit is very responsive and supports multi-touch. Colors come out fine and contrast is good.

Above the screen, thereís a proximity sensor. We didnít have any issues with it, but the lack of an ambient light sensor means youíll have to manually set the brightness to match changing lighting conditions. Fair is fair though: using the Galaxy Mini S5570 out on a sunny day wonít be a problem.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570
No secondary video-call camera or ambient light sensor

You donít get a front facing camera and no video calls out of the box. The OS itself has no native support for video calling but some of Samsungís android phones come with that feature enabled. Well, not a supposedly cheap one like the Galaxy Mini.

Below the display, there are three hardware buttons: a central Menu key with Home and Back controls on the sides. They have good press and are large enough for comfortable use. The home button is set within its own frame and in no way interfering with the other two buttons. It has a nice feel to it thanks to the brushed-texture finish.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570
The nice texture on the Home button ē Galaxy Mini front buttons

Moving on to the top of the phone, youíll find the 3.5mm audio jack and the MicroUSB port, hidden under a little plastic lid. Unlike the Samsung S8500 Wave, the S5570 has a USB port cover that pops out and doesnít slide. Itís a little less comfortable to use, but gets the job done and we really donít have much to complain about it.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570
A 3.5mm audio jack ē MicroUSB port and plastic cover

On the right side of the device you get the power knob and a hot-swappable MicroSD card slot, hidden again under a plastic lid. The power button is small but clicky.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570
The right side of the phone ē Power button and MicroSD card slot

The left side features the volume rocker only. Itís thin but sufficiently raised with good press.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570
The left side of the phone ē The volume rocker

The phone has no dedicated camera button but thereís no autofocus either which is the thing to be concerned about.

The rear panel of the phone is where the camera lens is. Thereís no actual protection but the lens is recessed and reasonably safe against getting scratched in your pocket. Thereís no flash of any kind, which makes low-light photography a no-go.

Design-wise the back has a textured non-slip finish. It doesnít quite affect the actual grip but makes the device a little more appealing. The matt finish is fingerprint-proof.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570
The back panel has a nice texture ē Galaxy Miniís back panel

The loudspeaker grill is placed at the bottom. Itís on the very ďchinĒ of the phone, which makes sense for not getting muffled.

At the bottom of the phone, the mouthpiece is the only thing to note.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570
Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 microphone

Removing the back panel reveals the 1200MAh Li-Ion battery and the SIM card compartment. You shouldnít expect any miracles in terms of battery life. Android phones are power-hungry creatures and the low-res screen doesnít make it any easier on the Miniís battery.

We kept the wireless on and surfed the web for a couple of hours, played music on it for a couple more, downloaded some apps and took some pictures with the phone, all the while at maximum brightness. It dropped by 1-2% every 10 minutes.

All in all, the Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 isnít a bad performer per se. Itís just that you canít take advantage of whatís probably the only positive side of having a low-res screen. If used sparingly, the Mini could last 2 days at most. But if you push it harder youíll have to charge daily.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570
The 1200MAh Li-Ion battery didnít do as well as we had hoped

The Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 is a very friendly phone to use and one that fits snugly in your hand. The hardware buttons make sense Ė somehow capacitive buttons feel more relevant to high-end devices. The Miniís controls are big and tactile. The all plastic build is acceptable Ė the important thing is the phone feels sturdy and the color accents are fine.

Even the original Galaxy S was made all of plastic.

The Mini is a good phone in terms of build quality and ease of use. Screen resolution and size are something users will have to live with but that hopefully will be reflected in the price tag.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570
The Galaxy Mini feels good in the hand

And hey, itís a phone that may even turn some heads along the way with its fresh lime-colored frame. Itís a smartphone for the young and this should be a part of the job description