Samsung Galaxy Nexus leaks ahead of tomorrow's ICS event

18 October, 2011

Looks like Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo just couldn't wait any longer and announced Google's next Nexus phone, the Galaxy Nexus, hours before its official unveil at the joint Google and Samsung event in Hong Kong. Luckily for us geeks, the carrier has let some of the promo materials for the Galaxy Nexus slip between its fingers and now we can finally see official full-size shot of the device.

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With the juicy brochure come in a new batch of detailed specs. We already knew about it's massive 4.65-inch 720x1280 HD super AMOLED display and that it'll run the newest version of Android 4.0, but now the processor is revealed as well. Unfortunately, it's not the Exynos powerhouse with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor we were lead to believe, but rather it's a 1.2GHz dual-core Cortex A9 processor on a TI OMAP 4460 chipset.

The Galaxy Nexus's measurements are out as well and by the looks of it, it's an impressively thin device. It measures at 136mm x 68mm x 8.8mm at its thinnest point and 11.5mm at its thickest. Sadly, there's no information on it's weight, but the battery will most likely be a 1,750mAh one.

As for the camera, unfortunately it's listed as 5MP one, capable of shooting 1080p full HD video, but we still remain hopeful that the European market will see a Galaxy Nexus with an 8MP sensor on the back as some insider sources suggest. Memory and storage remain the same as earlier expected, 1GB and 32GB respectively. LTE is definitely a go with the next Google phone and in the areas where it's not available, the Nexus will fallback to HSPA mode.

The event for the announcement of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Samsung GALAXY Nexus is only a few hours away (3AM London time), so make sure you tune in later to get every new bit of information about both.


Reader comments

  • Fejknick
  • 19 Oct 2011
  • TmN

If you would have preferred higher MP instead of a better sensor and 5MP which takes equal or better pictures then SGS II you are from the stone age. Higher MP doesn't mean a thing on these small screens if you do not plan on printing out the pi...

  • adadeh
  • 19 Oct 2011
  • 9Kj

You need a high megapixel? buy Canon or Nikon...

  • Android Developer
  • 19 Oct 2011
  • 95m

I think you will find that's the width. The thickness is actually smaller.

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