Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G

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  • Rakesh Rj

Can i use indian sim in my samsung note 10+ 5G SM-N976V
Verizon USA mobile? This was gifted me my friend. But when iam trying to put indian sim card the system error will come like as Your sim is not in verizon wireless..
Pls help me.. Any ideas? Or can i resolve this problem by samsung authirised service centre?


the phone is stunning - if you can get it , where you can get it , get it !
it's a beautiful piece of engineering!
sign your contracts on the screen, draw , stereo powerful sound, high speed internet , better audio -louder volume on whatsapp calls ,

if anyone says sumthin bad on this phone, they're just idiots.
for a longer battery life , keep it always charged over 80%, and close the apps running in the background

  • Anonymous

This device (Note10+ 5G) have NO a dedicated card slot, there is an ERROR in specifications !
It's only have some-like named "USES SHARED" card slot (combined hybrid slot) for 1 nanoSIM & microSD or for 2 nanoSIMs

  • Anonymous

AHMADAJLOUNI74, 10 Mar 2021It is the best phone I have ever seenNOT the best because Note10+ 5G haven't maximum available on smartphone 1TB of interbal memory (only 512GB like in Note9 of 2019) and irt have no useful 3.5mm mini-jack for wire headphones or AUX-cable

  • Anonymus

WaAU, 11 Jan 2021MEMORY Card slot microSDXC (DEDICATED slot) - is it mistake... moreWhen you have Single SIM model like this then you have dedicated micro SD slot. But if you have another Note 10+ model with Dual SIM then you have hybrid slot shared 2nd SIM/micro SD.

  • Waheed

Are you guys sure the 5G band SM-N976N use is not N78 (3500)? In qatar this phone is not getting 5G, on official samsung website it shows that it supports n78 band.

It is the best phone I have ever seen

  • mehem

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2021The worse phone I had battery life very bad max you get 3 t... moretrue i am facing same problem

  • Anonymous

The worse phone I had battery life very bad max you get 3 to 4 hours screen on time

And most awful speakers ever on phone
The back phone vibration like cheap toy

Just don't waste your money

  • mehem

hi i am looking to buy note+5g exynos version confuse between oneplus 7tpro please suggest
thanks in advance

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, 5g , works very well in Nigeria cities like Lagos, Abuja, Warri, PH, Sapele, Benini-city. The sad part is MTN, GLO are operating slow 4g. 4g LTE is Not yet in Nigeria. As for 5g super speed, due to Fulani herdsmen operating as kidnappers, it would be difficult to lay the underground cables.
Based on the above, you would be better off with 4g phones cos its cheaper.

  • Anonymous

Allografter, 28 Jan 2021Still the best Note ever made by SamsungNo, not best.
The best and most balanced was Note9 512GB with 3,5 mm mini-jack

  • Allografter

Still the best Note ever made by Samsung

Android 11 arrived in UK on my note 10 plus 5g

In Australia NOTE 10+ 5G Android 11 update is released

  • Amir Malik

N976B/Ds is capble of running anywhere on any network or its specific for UK

Khurram Malik, 12 Jun 2020A big negative, by omitting dual sim feature!Agree 100%, BIG FAILURE. I buy 1000$ phone with 1 single SIM using it as data SIM of course and hold another small Nokia for making calls!!!

SOL99, 07 Jan 2021Be careful buying the Verizon version of this device the SM... moreAre you saying that the V version won't work as well as the U version on gsm 5G?

  • WaAU

MEMORY Card slot microSDXC (DEDICATED slot) - is it mistake or true ?

Guys great news android 11 with One ui 3 is available for note 10 plus unlocked version ....its available in india dual sim version