Samsung Galaxy Note10+ handily defeats Apple iPhone XS Max in a speed test

Ivan, 30 August 2019

The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ beat the Apple iPhone XS Max in the PhoneBuff speed test by a whole 30 seconds.

If you're familiar with the PhoneBuff-styled speed test, you know this is a big deal. And if you're not familiar, it uses an AI-trained robot to simulate the same actions on both phones, opening a bunch of apps and performing tasks for one lap, and then re-opening all of the apps to see if the phone has kept them in the RAM.

Interestingly the Galaxy Note10+ was faster to open most of the games and didn't fall behind the iPhone XS Max in any of the tasks. And on the second lap it managed to use its 12GB of RAM to outdo the 4GB iPhone XS Max and claim the top spot alongside the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Here's the full video.


Reader comments

Ram doesn;t make anything faster I don't get why apple fanboys think this it just holds more stuff.

  • taki
  • 16 Sep 2019
  • AL%

Imagine what 12GB can do with in Memory data processing Python for Android, or many background processing apps. iOS compression is only good for low demanding users. It's easy with limited hardware to have optimised OS. Android is universal & s...

It doesn't. The power used by keeping apps in RAM is negligible. It's not the same as apps running in background.

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