Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite launches in India on January 21

Vlad, 18 January 2020

Samsung is launching the Galaxy Note10 Lite in India on January 21. The company has been sending out emails saying exactly this to people who had registered on its Indian website to be notified about any news regarding the handset's availability in the subcontinent.

Previously, Flipkart seemed to reveal a launch date of January 23, and both of these can be true. Perhaps the retailer will wait a couple of days until it does its own reveal. The phone was introduced internationally earlier this month.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite launches in India on January 21

According to the images Samsung has on its Indian website, the Aura Glow and Aura Red variants should be the ones up for grabs in the subcontinent. A recent leak talked about the price being INR 35,990, but Samsung hasn't announced anything about that yet. Either way, we'll know for sure in just a few short days.



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