Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G

Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G

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  • 08 Oct 2022

ALPHABOY17, 28 Aug 2022This note should have been the s20 fe of the note lineup. W... moreYeah, 1000€ should be bad.
Although, it should be worth it.

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    • Lee
    • IUY
    • 08 Oct 2022

    I use this phone and this is really great.
    But, there is a hairline crack in the back.

      kewin, 24 Jul 2022Snapdragon or exynos? TqSorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, Exynos, which is a power hungry chipset.

        ALPHABOY17, 28 Aug 2022This note should have been the s20 fe of the note lineup. W... morethe launch price was just euro 1000, impossible samsung still selling the same price after 2 years. It must be much lower than 1000 now.
        btw, i just bought this phone 1 month ago. i like it so much despite need 2 charges per day and lack of super macro mode. Camera is tack sharp, zoom under 10x is well acceptable.
        flat huge 6.7" screen, loud and great speaker. and of course, the S pen.

          This note should have been the s20 fe of the note lineup. What a pity. Despite lacking 120hz or 1440p, no headphone jack, no micro sd, plastic back and flat screen, 2 years later still costs ABOVE 1000 euros!!!!
          A damn shame, If it had been at the price of s20 fe, people would have bought it as a cheaper note alternative. And there are some people who've liked flat screen and 60hz but NOT at 1000 euros!

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            • ABDUL SATHAR
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            • 11 Aug 2022

            how to copy afilim note 20 to my pc

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              • Note 20 5g
              • 64B
              • 25 Jul 2022

              Why didnt update ??!!

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                • 24 Jul 2022

                genrichs, 12 May 2021Battery endurance is pathetic for a phone of this sort. I s... moreSnapdragon or exynos? Tq

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                  • kewin
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                  • 24 Jul 2022

                  Anonymous, 12 May 2022The phone itself is decent, but the battery is endurance qu... moreMay I know exynos or snapdragon version you are using?

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                    • 14 Jul 2022

                    5g is useless

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                      • 3c3
                      • 12 May 2022

                      The phone itself is decent, but the battery is endurance quite bad, especially if you use it intensely. It charges fast however so that's a boon.
                      The headphones are very good. AKG (the buds it comes with in some countries) will always be my go to in terms to audio-hardware, in any shape or form.
                      In my opinion, it's way overpriced for what it brings to the table and there are other options out there who are less pricey so unless you are forced by other circumstances look around a bit, because you might find better phones cheaper from other brands.

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                        • oha
                        • dV$
                        • 24 Feb 2022

                        Im curious, is it possible to add "5mp macro" to these phone cameras, then I hope they are gonna do it soon : )
                        I used M51 macro and loved it.. was superb performance.. I think...
                        I'll be waiting for a new phone model with 8K video, IP68 and "5mp macro"... ; )

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                          • 19 Feb 2022

                          phone got no 120hz lmao

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                            • dayzeejoysanantonio
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                            • 01 Dec 2021

                            The Samsung Note20, like all devices from Samsung, is loaded with apps that you cannot deny permissions to or remove. My devices (Note20, Galaxy 10, Tab A) were all hacked and I physically had to wrestle control of my phone back from someone connected on the backend. It took several minutes before they gave up and I was able to disconnect from the network and restart. Samsung Customer Support told me, on a recorded line, that I "agreed to the terms" and "nobody made (me) buy the phone".
                            The Contacts app does not sync, will not import, and says in the "About Contacts" that it is not connected to a network. Samsung Technical Support went through deleting cache with me, but that did not work. I was told the only other option is to do a hard reset. I'm not interested in spending hours resetting up my device and going back in to dozens of apps to remove permissions that Samsung gives themselves. Most of them are greyed out anyway where I have no choice in what they have access to.
                            I will never buy another Samsung device as long as these spy, data theft, and control tactics continue. I've been using Galaxy devices for more than a decade. It's a shame.

                              Leftie, 09 Feb 2021There was a time when the lowend J16 were full metal, today... moreRight you are!

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                                • M20
                                • 27 Sep 2021

                                ThatOneWeabo, 11 Nov 2020any problems or downsides with the exynos verison?battery is not as good as the note 9 running on 2018 exynos despite 300 mAh more capacity. but it's inconstent too the battery life. some days it lasts just about 24 hours other days just under 13 hours and this is my normal usage, not much video or games but a lot of messaging and email and minor work using office 365

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                                  • 16 Aug 2021

                                  ThatOneWeabo, 22 Nov 2020how is your day with some light gaming (not a heavy gamer b... moreyeah unfortunately

                                    I really find this phone a missed opportunity. I'm still okay with having a plastic back panel because I use a phone casing anyway. But the screen is not significantly smaller than the Note20 Ultra, which is rather ironic because the Note10 has a much smaller 6.3" screen compared to the Note10+'s 6.8" screen. At 6.7", it is exactly the same screen size as the S20+ and that phone has a 120Hz screen refresh rate albeit at 1080p and microSD card support. Unless if I care about having a stylus on a smartphone, it's hard to see the appeal of buying this smartphone.

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                                      • 11 Jun 2021

                                      Got the phone on contract looks good it's like the lights are on but there's no one at home

                                        Battery endurance is pathetic for a phone of this sort. I somewhat regret having bought it. I am not a gamer nor use the phone to watch movies, yet it barely makes the day. On the other side, it is very heavy for having such a horrible battery. And it DOES feel heavy and uncomfortable in the hand. My Galaxy Note8 and Galaxy Note10, both with significantly smaller batteries give better results and feel solo much better in the hands. Unusable expensive excrement, which is a pity because I'm not too happy about having just Chinese phones in the market.