Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra gains eSIM support for T-Mobile

Yordan, 15 April 2021

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra came with eSIM support out of the box, but until today it wasn't available to T-Mobile subscribers. That changes, allowing users of the 2020 flagship to use the embedded SIM card, rather than a physical one, or alternatively having a dual SIM setup by utilizing both.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra now has eSIM support for T-Mobile

The Note20 Ultra became the first Samsung in North America with the feature, 2.5 years after the same was done for iPhones and Pixel devices. There are plenty of phones on the US market that technically have an eSIM on the inside, but aren't supported by the local carriers.

Software update for Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra on T-Mobile
Software update for Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra on T-Mobile

The change might be a good sign for other Galaxy smartphones, including the latest S21 lineup. It would allow owners to have two lines - one through the physical SIM slot, and another with the embedded one.



Reader comments

Has anyone else experienced a dramatic decrease in battery life, since activating eSIM. I cannot even get through a day since then.

  • John

Well the Xperia 1 III is IP68 waterproof but it has both a headphone jack and a SD card slot.

  • User

E-Sim option has been available in India for quite some time now but i would prefer having 2 physical slots for my Sim Cards, its a big pain to go to the nearest provider office and have the sim activated every time.

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