Samsung Galaxy Note5 (USA)

Samsung Galaxy Note5 (USA)

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  • Majd ghazali

samsung fan., 15 May 2019can it go to 8.0 oreo No

  • Joice

If i bought it in USA then I will use it on Philippines is it gonna work already or do I need to set up it again?

samsung fan., 15 May 2019can it go to 8.0 oreo Sadly, no.

  • samsung fan.

Anonymous, 30 Apr 2019can it go to 8.0 oreocan it go to 8.0 oreo

  • nutty

how good is the phone, is it worth buying

  • Anonymous

can it go to 8.0 oreo

  • Enmanuel

I just noticed my 32gb version does not record in 4k even though it has the option, is that normal? or an os problem?

  • AnonD-741075

Note 5 T model is satisfied just when 4g connected mobile too slow just few second

  • Steve

Tom, 27 Nov 2017SM-N920P is the Sprint Version of the Note. Sprint is an Am... moreAs long as it had the proper frequency bands, it could be used on a GSM carrier, as well. In addition to CDMA, the Note 5 has GSM and HSDPA/HSPA+ capability, as well as LTE.

  • Tom

AnonD-687164, 25 Jul 2017iam in india. i purchased samsung galaxy note 5(SM-N920P) i... moreSM-N920P is the Sprint Version of the Note. Sprint is an American carrier. Unfortunately my guess is that they probably don't provide service over in India, so in order to use it, you'd have to get it unlocked for a CDMA carrier in India by Sprint or a third-party service, or return your Sprint phone and buy a GSM unlocked version and use it with a GSM carrier in India. Hope this helped. Happy Holidays!

  • Rayyan Mirza

AnonD-584739, 06 Nov 2016With 64GB of fast internal storage, who needs an (11x slowe... moreWhy do you need sd cardslot when you have enough memory to save anything

  • Ken

does the samsung GPS work in USA if I am Canadian based without being charged for data?

  • AnonD-687164

iam in india. i purchased samsung galaxy note 5(SM-N920P) in ebay. But LTE not working in india JIO network only LTE working in my phone.

Can anybody help to change bandwidth. And give solution for how to work LTE in india in my mobile.

  • AnonD-604443

Please check if your provider network support LTE band of the N920P which is basically a CDMA smartphone otherwise only GSM 2G or 3G are available

  • OMAR

Hi im using note 5 N920V in iraq can i download another software lick n920c and what happen if i did ?

  • AnonD-665191

Mine (USA-AT&T network) just upgraded to 7.0 Nougat a week or so ago.

  • AnonD-661791

I have N920P sprint version. It does not connect to 4G Data in IRAN. Can any help???

  • Pul

Emi, 15 Dec 2016I bought n920p few days ago.. phone work on 5.1.1 android..... moreSame with u why?? Anybody can teach how to update

  • AnonD-564539

Looks pretty nice great camera. 4.5 Stars

  • Bodybuilder5000

Too bad it not has a slot card :(