Samsung Galaxy Note7 (USA)

Samsung Galaxy Note7 (USA)

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  • Just_passing_thru

Jameden, 07 Mar 2019EcoATM does not recognize this phone - just sayingThe ecoATM knows better.🤭

  • ILikeEatingCarrots

Is the note 7 fan edition safe or nOt??

  • Anonymous

I thought GSMArena will write Android 6.0.1; Upgradable to brick android update

EcoATM does not recognize this phone - just saying

To explode or note..

Never forget. It'll always be in my conciousness.

  • Triple C

It's a real awesome device

  • double trouble

I bought one yesterday from a third party seller, im wondering if the recall still available for me+

  • Ange

The sound level meter A- works, BUT the specs do NOT sat what is the frequency WEIGHTING network. Most soud field ratings are expressed as either "A-Weighting) dubbed as "dBA", or "C-Weighted" (dubbed as "dBC"). dBA vaues rate the sound per its HEARING DAMAGE potential (viz: above 90 dBA is destructive to hearing). dBC rates the music noise annoyance potential remotely outdoors and indoors. (vzi "rock music is very annoying to distance folks that are not wanting to hear it). PLEASE SOMEBODY TELL US WHAT IS THE WEIGHTING NETWORK USED IN THE GALAXY 7 APP?

  • Anonymous

gsmfreak, 11 Nov 2016it seems to have some amazing new explosive featureslol.. amazing comment😂

  • Nikki

Mr khan, 08 Nov 2016I am going to take note 7 second hand used mobile can i tak... moreU knw u won't get it

  • AnonD-453339

Can I get this phone , it will explode or not

  • gsmfreak

it seems to have some amazing new explosive features

  • Mr khan

I am going to take note 7 second hand used mobile can i take it it is safe please anybody help by your opinion the mobile is okd note 7 not note 7s

  • Anonymous

RosinSmoked, 11 Oct 2016Maybe version 8 will have a replaceable battery...or an extinctor maybe

  • John

It's so bad I lost my galaxy note 7 . During making video in river.

  • AnonD-478713

what if they make an active version of the coming note like s7 and s7active but thinner it will be the beast of 2017

  • Anonymous

Top cell in the world .........................miss u note7. After Samsung announced discontinuation, there are no reports of exploding. Strange!!!

  • Inside man

I am really really missing Samsung Note 7

  • Ellipsis Mughal

very good cell in the world .........................miss u note7