Samsung Galaxy Note9 camera gets higher DxOMark score than S9+, ties with HTC U12+

Peter, 10 September 2018

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 has outscored the Galaxy S9 phones in the DxOMark test, earning a respectable 103 points (tied with the HTC U12+).

The Galaxy Note9’s autofocus proved more consistent and better at tracking moving objects than the Galaxy S9+. The dual OIS system was also found to be steadier. Here’s a quick comparison of the scores:

Phone Total score Photo score Video score
Huawei P20 Pro 109 114 98
Samsung Galaxy Note9 103 107 94
HTC U12+ 103 106 95
Samsung Galaxy S9+ 99 104 91

Photos have pleasing colors, with plenty of detail and low levels of noise (though some clipping in the brightest and darkest areas occurred). Still, the camera’s dynamic range managed most lighting situations well. The telephoto camera preserved good levels of detail up to 4x zoom, bokehs turn out great too.

The autofocus is quick to lock onto its subject and when shooting videos, keep track of it too. Stabilization was commended too.

Follow the source link to see where the Galaxy Note9 lost points.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Because I thought it has a good camera by watching youtube videos paid by sony. Now, i am fccked.

  • Anonymous

Samsung Galaxy Note9 103 107 94 HTC U12+ 103 106 95 Samsung Galaxy S9+ 99 104 91 Done, fixed it. I took some photos with the P20 Pro up against my old One M9. P20 Pro's were extremelly grainy, noisy and ...

  • Anonymous

The dude testing them probably has an extremelly steady hand and didnt notice the lack of OIS in 4K30. 😂