Samsung Galaxy Note9 may launch early and it's Galaxy S9's fault

Is it odd that the Galaxy Note9 was spotted at Geekbench this early? It isn’t if the report of an accelerated time frame is true. And apparently, it’s Galaxy S9’s fault.

The launch of the second 2018 flagship may come as early as July or August, based on info that Samsung Display is pulling up the AMOLED production for the Note9 from June to April, says Korean publication The Investor.

This is partially because the Galaxy S9 isn’t selling as well as Samsung expected and also because the company wants to preempt the new iPhones.

Anyway, the new screen will be slightly larger – 6.38”, up form 6.32” – but will not hide a fingerprint reader beneath it. Huawei and Goodix announced a phone with an under display fingerprint reader, but that’s a €1,700 unit and doesn’t quite prove that the tech is ready for mass production (or that it will be in a few short months).

Last year, the iPhone X was late because of component shortages, which gave the Note8 some breathing room. In order to have a head start this year, Samsung will need to launch early. Especially amid rumors of a 6.45” OLED iPhone coming this year.