Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE passes FCC

17 January, 2014

As if we needed more proof that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo launch is fast approaching. After getting its detailed specs through an internal document and then seeing what it looks like in the flesh through a bunch of live photos, we're now seeing the upcoming phablet pass through FCC.

The US regulatory has approved the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo, meaning there's nothing preventing the handset from launching in the local market. Given that manufacturers rarely have units good enough for testing too long before the actual announcement, this suggests the development is virtually complete and the phablet will hit officialdom very soon.

Earlier rumors pointed to an MWC launch, but that's still over a month away. In light of the FCC certification, the Samsung Forum closed event, which starts in just 11 days, is also a candidate for the debut of the first hexa-core handset. Now long until we know for sure.

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  • Hybrid Human


  • AnonD-134497

Yeah right. This is what you have said in Note 3's articles. This is what you have said in S4(5 variants) articles. This is what you have said in ALL of the Galaxy Ace and S articles. Who you are fooling here mate? You love Samsung. It's accept...

  • androidgeek

why is this guy looking on android devices if he is an apple fan boy?

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