Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Developer Edition for Verizon now out

29 October, 2014

The Developer Edition of Verizon's Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is now available to purchase. You can only get it online, and just if you buy straight from Samsung's Web store.

It will cost you though. This Note 4 model is priced at $699.99 outright, and there's no way to grab one with a two-year contract or on an installment plan.

The Developer Edition SKU is identical to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that you can buy from Verizon, with one crucial difference - it has an unlockable bootloader. That's probably only going to be of interest for developers, hence why it's called the Developer Edition.

The Galaxy Note 4 Developer Edition for Verizon first got listed by Samsung's website last week, and now you can already buy it if you want to.

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Bootloader is unlocked

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