Samsung Galaxy Note FE goes on sale in Malaysia on October 25

Ivan, 12 October 2017

Yesterday we reported that the Samsung Galaxy Note FE (short for Fan Edition) was listed on Malaysian carrier Yes' website as upcoming and today Samsung itself has confirmed the phone's arrival to the Malaysian market.

The Samsung Galaxy Note FE will start selling in Malaysia through its own retail network and authorized third-party carriers and retailers on October 25 for the MYR2,599 (€520).

If you're unaware of what the Samsung Galaxy Note FE is - it's a Galaxy Note7 with a smaller, safer 3,200mAh battery. It comes with 2017-relevant specs with a 5.7-inch 1440p Super AMOLED display, a capable Exynos chipset and 4GB of RAM, IP68 water proofing and an S Pen.

Thanks, Choo Kwang Zhee!



Reader comments

  • Raid02

if my budget was in the range of 'no more than 2600' i would still get the Note 7 than the s8+ even though the s8+ has superior specs (duh!) and a bigger display, why ? simple ... I need the stylus both for work and leisure play, trust me you can d...

It's all about preference. Just because you dislike the new aspect ratio, doesn't make it bs.

  • Anonymous

Overpriced for a refurbished phone!

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