Samsung Galaxy Note II coming to T-Mobile USA, firmware reveals

17 September, 2012

The Samsung Galaxy Note II should be coming to all major US carriers - we saw photos of Verizon's version yesterday and today there is a ROM that confirms the existence of the Galaxy Note II for T-Mobile USA.

SamMobile is reporting its sources have confirmed the existence of T-Mobile's Note II and they have a Jelly Bean ROM powering it, which was compiled quite recently - September 15. Samsung is still testing the software (pushing out a new one OTA every 4-5 days) and there's no indication of when the phoneblet might launch.

The device will have a model number SGH-T889 and will reportedly pack the same specs as the international Galaxy Note II (except for the LTE connectivity, of course). Feel free to check out our preview of the Note II for more details on the device.


Note: the image on the left is just a quick mockup, not an actual product image.


Reader comments

  • kAtZwaseRamkasi

Pity we South Africans will probably see this phone in the next year, probably Jan 2013. I really like it an I know this is the phone I have been waiting for. I guess I'll have to be really patient. DAMN!!!

  • AnonD-12395

I am almost ready to buy this phone. It has all the features I like. Quad core. Pen. Even radio. If only they made the screen a tad bigger. :) Robert Lichota

  • Dukedon

I like big screen because it help me read web easier. Tablets are so big or don't call as phone or don't strong, so Note II is my choice now.