Samsung Galaxy Note N7000

Samsung Galaxy Note N7000

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  • Sahib singh rajpoot

jae, 28 Aug 2019i miss my very first note Samsung galaxy 16 gb ram

4 g
5 .3

  • jae

i miss my very first note

  • Pete NZ

tdilhan, 17 Aug 2019I'm a serial Note Buyer. Looking at this Note 1 while holding th... moreSame here! Started with this one. I only skipped the 6 (there was no 6), 7 (battery issues and they stopped selling before I could buy) and the 9. Now using my Note 10+ :D.

  • tdilhan

I'm a serial Note Buyer. Looking at this Note 1 while holding the all new note 10 in my hand in 2019. :) :)

  • almima

fadz, 15 Jun 2019the only phone which didn't last 2 years with me with problems l... moreWeak battery yet expensive slow high heating phone I have ever used

  • fadz

the only phone which didn't last 2 years with me with problems like heating issues, slow performance, weak battery, too pricey for what it offered and the list goes on ... this device was my introduction to android coming from symbian and it made the ride a hellish one. I wish I got S2 instead.

Hahawhatever, 30 Aug 2018That's because you didn't flush a custom rom on it I put a noug... moreBullshit, iphone 4s is by far better device that this .. with 4s you can use all important apps like WhatsApp, ebay, instagram, twitter, Facebook, viber, paypal etc etc..

I remember those days when this phone look super big to me, but now when I put him side by side whit Huawei P30 pro...
Yea that big display is no more big.
I miss you buddy.

I like seeing the reactions of the screen size at the time of the phone's announcement :)

  • Anonymous

my note 1 is always heating. just like an engine. ane the mic is gone. when i connect a earphone with a mic, that mic also not working. i'm on kitkat. is that the reason for all these.will downgrading to gingerbread or jellybean solve my problems? please answer me anyone.

  • Dkie

I still had this phone in my locker room..didnt use it for long time..battery is bad compare to nowdays touch screen u better buy mid price phone they better smoth than this..other that this Note is Legend & may well R.i.p

This was my first note. I bought it when it first came out in 2011. People were laughing at me for holding such a "huge" phone in my hand. Today, I'm using a 5.3" phone too, and people still laugh it me for holding such a "small" phone :)

What is using this phone with a custom ROM running a newer version of Android like?

  • Uncle

Bought mine when they first came out in 2011/12 - still going strong although I need to free-up some storage space to download more than 3 or 4 ebooks at a time. Original battery still going but now down to about 4 hours or so before recharge necessary - which is pretty good considering it's been recharged almost daily for 7 years to facilitate all my ebook reading!

  • Awesomeness

I have been using this phone for many years and for some or odd reason, it does not want to update and now im stuck with android 2.3.5 which at times can be annoying.

  • AnonD-632062

A true legend and trailblazer of the smartphone realm.

  • Anonymous

I have been using it for the past 4 year and the person i bought it from for 2 years

The.Chosen-One, 21 Oct 2017My dad has been using this for 6 years and it's still going well... moreMy mum used it for 5 years but the battery was about to die. We then sold it on cashify.

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2018Don't do it. It lags after playing only 2-3 videos on Youtube, i... moreThat's because you didn't flush a custom rom on it
I put a nougat rom on it and it became buttery smooth
Seriously iPhone 4s is pretty much unusable now but the original note with stock android can still work decently as a daily driver
And that completely blows iPhone 4s away

Dancing Wind, 27 Mar 2018I've used the samsung note series for quite a long time now and ... moreI have galaxy S5 and I downgraded to kitkat 4.4.2 and its blazing fast with best battery life...New versions for old phones are worst combination..