Samsung Galaxy Note N7000

Samsung Galaxy Note N7000

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  • AnonD-1094

Dont update u will regret

  • AnonD-1094

Dont take me wrong guys its only after the update there r battery issues earlier it was cool but update spoiled the party

  • vik

apple not good as samsung. note is the best not iphone.

AnonD-1094, 24 Dec 2011horrible battery after update ,standby time just 24 hours ,talk ... moreYes, Deep, you have the choice of going back to the famous Apple unit. Obviously you are very happy with it than the Note.

  • AnonD-1094

ICS wanted as early as possible ,with all battery issues concerned ,make it fast samsung

  • AnonD-1094

[deleted post]hey storm ,r u also facing battery issues after update if yes u also join the list of those unlucky people ,bad update for sure ,worst ever by samsung

  • AnonD-1094

going back to iphone guys ,note a bad experience ,need to forget it fast

  • AnonD-1094

horrible battery after update ,standby time just 24 hours ,talk time not even 2 hours ,the most disgusting handset yet

AnonD-7414, 23 Dec 2011Ok I just read 109 pages of comments I have read all pros and ... moreThe leather flip cover that came with it has a hole slit that exposes the ear speaker. So, you dial or answer calls via interfacing with the screen, then you can just close the cover and put the Note against your head to speak. The ear speaker is excellently load, and the phone is long enough for the microphone to be do close to your mouth. The size makes sense - the cover protects the screen from your oily face when making calls, and you avoid that silly action of shifting the phone to and from your ear and mouth, like with smaller phones. You will love the HD Super AMOLED screen that is bigger but not to a point that you cannot pocket it like a 7" tablet.

I got a small square clip-on Nokia Bluetooth remote control/earpiece receiver to listen to music and calls. I think making calls via the Bluetooth looks more odd than with the Note, as I experienced when a kid was strangely staring at me a week ago.

  • AnonD-27615

AnonD-7414, 23 Dec 2011Ok I just read 109 pages of comments I have read all pros and ... morehey..

it is cool when using the note in a call,once they know how expensive it is,haha..nahh,its okay for me..

  • Anonymous

AnonD-7414, 23 Dec 2011Ok I just read 109 pages of comments I have read all pros and ... moreIt looks even more than silly...jack said yhe girls a week ago when my friend was about to take a call.
If style matters to you, go for Nokia Lumia 800 or Nokia N9

  • AnonD-7414

I just read 109 pages of comments
I have read all pros and cons everyone wrote but i can handle these cons and i fell in love with the pros
and i'm going to but this phoblet
just one little question no one answered ...

Does it look stupid when you put it up to your face to take a call ?
need multiple answers please Thanks.

  • helopilot

....Samsung Galaxy Note Gets Extra Strong 4500mAh Extended Battery from Mugen Power
PRWeb Tue, Dec 20, 2011....Email
Share0Print......New 4500mAh battery extends the life of Samsung Galaxy Note by 80%.

Mugen Power Batteries ( the manufacturer of high-capacity batteries for handheld devices, today announces the new HLI-N7000XL Mugen Power 4500mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note which extends the time consumers can use this popular device. The battery is immediately available from Mugen Power Batteries with free shipping worldwide.

Designed to provide maximum mobile freedom, Mugen Power 4500mAh (milliamp hour) Lithium-Ion battery extends the life of the Samsung Galaxy Note by 80% delivering more power than the stock 2500mAh battery. This impressive battery performance allows consumers, especially those who are often on the move, to use the device longer. The new battery is fully compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note and fits well into Samsung Galaxy Note.

As well as delivering longer life, the new battery is also exceptionally reliable. Like other Mugen batteries, the Mugen 4500mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note has undergone vigorous QA testing to ensure the highest quality and lowest return rate. The battery is also in compliance with the CE requirements.

"Samsung Galaxy Note owners are often reported to complain about short battery life of the device. We worked hard on this project and managed to fit additional 2000mAh capacity into that new battery. Our solution gives customers added battery life to stay connected longer without

  • AnonD-35345

dis ph iz amazing.....nd after update to 2.3.6 it seems more fast nd battery backup iz become realy gud.......note iz juz too good...

  • RHEI

does anybody know when the 32 gig will be available?

  • focus

how may i use it as a laptop ???!!

  • swapnil

Should i buy galaxy note?

  • Sabri ozarslan

TheNeighbor, 21 Dec 2011LOLWhy you write LOL. I understand that you have a NOTE.
Congratulation. But I prefer S2. It is very light 119 g. It's screen very
Good . It is a pocket size cellphone. This my opinion.

  • kiko9001

Greaaaaaaaaaaat Phone i use it it's amazing great Screen and Great Features really the Best Phone in the World phone and tablet in same time .

  • mona

sony experia arc r samsung galaxy note,can u guys suggest me