Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

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  • Mate
  • TRM
  • 26 Jul 2022

Cpuz shows that p900 has only 4 cores running, not 8 cores, why? Are other 4 cores hidden or what?

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    • rayzpc
    • IAs
    • 18 Jan 2022

    Bev, 07 Jan 2022The battery has bulged, bulging out the back. Wondering if... moreGet a new battery replaced as soon as possible!! trust me. I do them all the time.

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      • Bev
      • rgh
      • 07 Jan 2022

      The battery has bulged, bulging out the back. Wondering if this is the same problem as the Note 7 phones had. Waiting for a callback from Samsung support.

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        • Pannom
        • nx8
        • 14 Jun 2020

        AnonD-735382, 05 Feb 2018Where can I get a screen for Samsung Note Pro 12.2? I am i... moreEbay.
        Used from 120, new is around 150 USD.

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          • AnonD-735382
          • fj%
          • 05 Feb 2018

          Where can I get a screen for Samsung Note Pro 12.2? I am in South-Africa?

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            • AnonD-683613
            • X}6
            • 10 Jul 2017

            Andreas, 05 Feb 2017Gave one of those to my then 4year old daughter for xmas 20... moreThank you for yr suggestion and recommendation. There is a 50%discount of those units at local store and was thinking to grab one. My initial pick is Galaxy Tab A 10.1 ( also come with stylus) so i can note down easily during lecture. The prices are about the same, but spec-wise Tab A seems better though screen is smaller

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              • AnonD-653061
              • Xpf
              • 16 Mar 2017

              Hi. Do you know if there is any Custom ROM (for Android 6 Marshmallow) available for this NotePro 12.2" tablet? Does it offer full S-Pen functions as provided by Samsung's TouchWiz? If anyone knows how to do this, please email me at . Thanks.

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                • tortionist
                • k44
                • 22 Feb 2017

                This tablet is a great tablet. I rooted mine and flashed an Android 7.1 ROM. The only downfall to that is that the stylus software does not work even though the stylus works.

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                  • Andreas
                  • nh5
                  • 05 Feb 2017

                  Gave one of those to my then 4year old daughter for xmas 2014.

                  I'm VERY happy with the buy, after 2years everything still is on par with todays premium products, cpu, ram. screen resolution, battery. Unfortinate it's samsung so the support suck even for premium, but the hardware is.. Well I have not seen anything I would change this with.

                  Right now my only hope is that google relese a pixel tablet with pen as samsung seem to totaly have left the premium segment with the problem of note7. Galaxy has just been glorified midrange for the past few years.

                  If you can get your hands on one cheap, buy it!

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                    • AnonD-320820
                    • B{b
                    • 01 Feb 2017

                    AnonD-192944, 29 Oct 2016Has this tablet received the 6.0 update yet?No it won't happen as version 5.0.2 is the last one as no more update in the future.

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                      • AnonD-320820
                      • B{b
                      • 01 Feb 2017

                      Yes it support marshmallow version already as my tablet run 5.0.2 last year so check update or manual update from Samsung via either keis or Samsung switch link. I think it won't update in the future as 5.0.2 is the last one for this tablet.

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                        • 9929
                        • fsT
                        • 01 Jan 2017

                        Will there be any marshmallow update this year?

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                          • Mercury
                          • fsT
                          • 01 Jan 2017

                          Waiting for marshmallow upgrade for this device and hope it will be soon

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                            • Tkachuk
                            • IJt
                            • 30 Nov 2016

                            Anuru, 05 Jun 2016I got totally disappointed with this device. After two days... morewhaaaaaaaat? solid here

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                              • Tkachuk
                              • IJt
                              • 30 Nov 2016

                              AnonD-484019, 04 Jan 2016Beautiful, powerful tablet. Got it at a super price. too. Got one yesterday for $100. TY Facebook Marketplace.
                              Love the thing but wonder too about updates...

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                                • AnonD-608232
                                • 6P5
                                • 09 Nov 2016

                                Great tablet. Ive owned this for 60+days and can say it's fast, great color and lots of memory unbelievable WiFi range (nothing comes close not even my laptop). Still if your looking for a reason not to buy it, no flash and YOU'LL MORE THAN HATE THE CRAPWARE!!!! not only does this have a ton of nasty crapware but it down loads it CONSTANTLY! you'll first use your new tab pro and like it but soon notice that it will start downloading everything it can that you might somehow give your cc for. Don't take It lightly! Soon your tab will have 6 then 7 then 8 gigs of unerasable crapware BUT WAIT!!! IT PRIORITY UPDATES THE CRAPWARE ARE ALL THE TIME wiping out any unsaved work and to throw another log on the fire, my note 3 phone which is Samsung died...that's why I gave three stars.

                                Nazia |

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                                  • AnonD-192944
                                  • rMp
                                  • 29 Oct 2016

                                  Has this tablet received the 6.0 update yet?

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • ane
                                    • 23 Sep 2016

                                    AnonD-587123, 20 Sep 2016Hello I use Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 . I was afraid to upgra... moreI upgraded the Android system several times and never experienced any need to reload any application.
                                    Applications get upgraded automatically to align with the system upgrade!

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                                      • AnonD-587123
                                      • wAT
                                      • 20 Sep 2016

                                      9924, 09 Aug 2016I had for two months now, it's very good. I just upgrade... moreHello

                                      I use Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 . I was afraid to upgrade to Android v5x because I didn't want my desktop and application to dissappear after the upgrade.

                                      Did you have to re-install any application after upgrading to Android v5x?

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                                        • Garnimos
                                        • 63@
                                        • 03 Sep 2016

                                        Most popular notepads get upgraded/improved within a year or so.
                                        Why didn't Samsung produce any new/improved model for Note Pro 12.2 since 2014?
                                        The surprising thing is that it was successful and, meanwhile, not available in the market!