Samsung Galaxy On6

Samsung Galaxy On6

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  • testing man

Samsung on6=j6

  • baba kay

The screen is difficult to get and very expensive. Good phone no doubt.

  • samzpatel

Arasan, 02 Jul 2020On6 Android 10 update receivedany lag after update?
hows camera?

  • Anonymous

Sensor light available

  • Arasan

On6 Android 10 update received

  • samzpatel

arzt, 20 May 2020Android 10 update?after j6 get get an update maybe.

  • arzt

Android 10 update?

  • Anonymous

I think this is the phone that the librem 5 will be based on. It has a 13 MP rear camera that can do 1080p as well as an 8 MP selfie camera (just like the librem 5), it has 32 GB of storage and 3 GB of ram (also just like the librem 5), the battery and screen are both really close to the the librem 5's battery and screen (the librem 5 has a slightly bigger battery and screen, 3500 mAh and 5.7", but a slightly lower resolution). It also has a similar chipset and a headphone jack and SD card slot. I also noticed in Bryan Lundukes' videos, and the spoilers we got from the purism Dev kit as well as the images on the official purism website that the phone looks really similar to the librem 5.

Am I right? That phone is 700$ though... Sure they did add some features like hardware kill switches and the made there whole own os, but still, I hope it is based on this phone, because this phone has an oled screen.

  • Samsung S6

Samsung S6

  • Nitin123

After Update phone is very slow
I think sell the phone and never buy Samsung phone

  • Anonymous

Phone became slow after upadate

  • Arasan

I got Pie update for On6 64gb

Glance feature makes me immersed and forget that the phone is on lock mode still. Thank you Samsung!

Very good Visuals on my lockscreen and awesome articles.....

  • Bhushan

Excellent mobile user friendly beautiful changing lockscreen

  • Anonymous

Don't know which glass Samsung used for the front of on6.. its much smoother and slippery than my a5 2017 which has gorilla glass 4..

  • AnonD-819322

Same Screen-To-Body Ratio as the LG G2 from 2013.

  • Arjun Reddy

Why is Vibration Off option not available in Samsung On6 Mobile

  • Anonymous

jaluu, 31 Dec 2018 i want to buy this one ... i am not satisfied yetNot satisfied this prodect
Keypad not smoothly
Suddenly not back

  • PalmIsBack

Gared, 29 Dec 2018Anyone pls advise if this unit can be used in Manila. Thanks.No, the Galaxy On6 is only in India. There is another Samsung phone like this phone for other countries