Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo S5310

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo S5310

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  • Simeon

Not connecting to network and I have forgot my password

  • Thewer boua

The camera and display resolution is the biggest problems
, the device is ok thow

  • Martin

The phone is not as bad as it looks but ONLY if you use it on a custom rom(software) because samsung's official one is too heavy and the phone is EXTREMELY SLOW even if you barely have any apps installed.If you dont have the knowedge how to install a custom rom or dont have a friend who knows how to do it dont buy this phone.
For custom rom I recommend CM11(4.4.4) or CM10.1(4.2.2) both work well,so its up to personal preference.I must note that 4.2.2 doesnt really work faster than 4.4.4 from my experience.
Overall,on custom rom the phone worked quite fast,but it was obvious how hard it got pushed back from its weak hardware.A single core armv7 cpu that works clocked at 1.2ghz(only on roms,stock speed is 850mhz) and 512mb(around 440 actual) ram are not really enough to handle every task properly.
Gaming on this phone is extremely limited of its low storage,its low resolution that some games dont support and obviously its hardware.You can play some light games and emulate gameboy advance and similar old systems through emulator apps.
Web browsing is fair,but some heavier websites really slow down the phone till it would lagspike and sometimes soft reboot,however,thats very rare and it usually works well for the most websites.
Apps like facebook(lite),messenger(lite),steam,discord,skype,etc. work fine.If you need to check the social networks and browse in forums this phone will do the job.
Youtube works on 360p.I highly recommend using an older version of the youtube app because the newer ones are very heavy and work slow,quite annoying.
The camera is 2mpx and there is no front facing camera.There is no autofocus or flash on the back camera,so the quality is pretty bad.You can check for camera samples online,but simply said ''its better than a vga camera''.Video quality is 480p as far as I remember,I rarely uses the video recorder.
The phone doesnt support 4g lte obviously,but still has 3g connection with mobile data and all common stuff.
The battery is one of the stronger aspects of this phone.It can handle around 4 hours screen on time while using it with wifi and high brightness,if you use it offline with low brightness for something like ebooks it can last 10+ hours.
The screen is 240x320 which is the lowest resolution that you can find on a smartphone.There is nothing good to say about it,its simply bad but you get used to it.
The loudspeaker is quite weak,if you like playing music with full volume it still will be quiet.
Video playback(without youtube) is pretty bad.I had issues while playing any movies with quality higher than 480p HQ,while some of them were laggy on 480p as well.
For conclusion,if you find this phone for 15 euros or less its worth it,I guess(second hand,its 5 years old right now so its rare to find it new and its not worth to buy it new).

I won't use it for daily driver if I have it again. I will use it as MP3 player.

I've seen smaller phones, but this is too uncomfortable.

Interesting that in Brazil Samsung sneakily launched the GT-S5310C and the GT-S5312C, and curiously both are with the Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

  • jakoweez

thats awesome phone,,, works awesome.. love it

  • Abdullah

Akash, 24 May 2017I am usinr Samsung galaxy pocket neo I cannot play clash o... moreNice little phone ONLY for work and calls not for gaming or media

  • Akash

I am usinr Samsung galaxy pocket neo I cannot play clash of clan new update when it loading the game it go to home page

  • AnonD-621553

Atomki, 07 Dec 2016Works great with a custom rom wich cstm rom that working good n faster?

  • KeinOhrHase

Lh Rabbi, 17 Nov 2016my phone is very slow now what i do have you any good sugat... moreTake a new phone...

  • Atomki

Works great with a custom rom

  • AnonD-615893

Lh Rabbi, 17 Nov 2016my phone is very slow now what i do have you any good sugat... moreuse custom rom it is faster then stock rom and with more features.

  • Lh Rabbi

my phone is very slow now what i do have you any good sugation for this reson

  • AnonD-603509

Karthi, 10 Jul 2016This phone works perfect almost more than 2 years, size is ... moreI take your word for that

  • ruperbeats

I tried to get games from he app store. Downloaded fine but when I whent into the game it loaded for a wile the the screen turned black for a couple of seconds then went back to the homepage

  • polly

my screen has become so dim i can hardly read it. any suggestions?


i forgot my passwoord, is there anyway i can reset or use this fone again

  • Ruzzi

It has a decent music it.

  • Anonymous

Is this support to 4gšŸ˜¶šŸ˜¶šŸ˜¶