Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510

Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510

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it's working properly ;)

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    • Anonymous
    • r3a
    • 22 May 2020

    AnonD-584637, 14 Sep 2016Go to settings>wifi & connections>mobile networks... moreIt's not working

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      • sanjay
      • rAQ
      • 09 May 2017

      ajesh, 13 Jun 2015In this phone support whatsapp?? supportes apps list

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        • AnonD-584637
        • r0f
        • 14 Sep 2016

        fic, 05 Sep 2016how to connect to the internetGo to settings>wifi & connections>mobile networks>tick the 1s option(you may also choose btn 3g or EDGE by ticking or unticking 2g connectivity)

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          • fic
          • Nv$
          • 05 Sep 2016

          babu, 12 Aug 2016how to open net connection how to connect to the internet

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            • babu
            • P$t
            • 12 Aug 2016

            how to open net connection

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              • Anonymous
              • kc7
              • 17 May 2016

              The keyboard feels nice to use but I have a problem with it repeating letters and no way to adjust this. It uses standard size sim, not mini sim. It has a small low resolution screen which makes reading lots of text difficult. Getting a microSD card and Link2SD is pretty much required since there is barely any internal memory. I recommend rooting it and removing certain outdated system apps to free up the internal memory, since when this is full the phone gets slow. I've also been having problems with it disconnecting from the cellular network where my other phones work fine. It won't run the latest version of many apps like kik, textnow, and some web browsers with the old version of android running on it. Battery life is ok but not great. Overall, its ok if you want a cheap android smartphone with a keyboard, but there are better alternatives like the xperia pro.

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                • Mont
                • U27
                • 04 Oct 2015

                yes it support whatsapp

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                  • MR CAPABLE
                  • fsV
                  • 06 Sep 2015

                  I have been using this phone for 1year and half but i have this little problem, my touch pad has spoiled and i have gone to many places but i can't find to buy! please can someone help meeee.

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                    • Mine Guy
                    • pVP
                    • 10 Aug 2015

                    i have this mobile. u cannot deactivate the touch feature,but u can also use it manually

                    and this mobile is a single sim

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                      • ajesh
                      • sSM
                      • 13 Jun 2015

                      Anonymous, 27 Nov 2013Yes it supports whatsappIn this phone support whatsapp??

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                        • maumau
                        • Ns1
                        • 15 May 2015

                        can u deactivate touch and use it manualy?

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                          • stephen
                          • NwL
                          • 14 May 2015

                          Is this phone a dual sim or a single sim??

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                            • Emytex
                            • fuN
                            • 28 Apr 2015

                            I lv hw it luke friend of my jus giv me the phone and i have been using nokia c5-5mp 4 over 2 and half years now i actually have to sell 1 so which 1 should i use?

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                              • averhielle
                              • Kg%
                              • 03 Apr 2015

                              the phone of my classmate!i remember she has a nokia c3 with QWERTY keypad,but this is really impressive,one time she borrowed it to copy the QWERTY keypad for my phone drawings.

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                                • pro
                                • MrB
                                • 12 Feb 2015

                                Could be goo competition to Blackberry, but:
                                *. Battery life.
                                *. App memory lowest of all known Android devices.

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                                  • harry rai
                                  • uuM
                                  • 10 Jan 2015

                                  Tina, 22 Dec 2014How do I send pictures via text?its so esy

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                                    • nakul
                                    • f}1
                                    • 04 Jan 2015

                                    Upto what version can it be updated?

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                                      • U{E
                                      • 29 Dec 2014

                                      Im using this mobile since 10,000 BC.. still i didnt get any problem.. Ohhh.. Stop it guys.. Battery back up is suckz nd i cant install any applications n dis mobile.. No space to install applications.. :-(

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 7t5
                                        • 24 Dec 2014

                                        its very worst touch never be repair