Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro I547

Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro I547

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  • DFG
  • krZ
  • 20 Oct 2020

I have this phone and the size is just right for fitting in my pocket Wish they would make a newer version the same size but able to go to 5G Don't need a big phone just one this size with same functions and spec's

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    • humble
    • XBA
    • 21 Sep 2020

    can i upgrade it to its latesr version?

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      • Anonymous
      • rRU
      • 31 Jul 2020

      dustnbones, 22 Jun 2019Does this phone run on the 4g LTE network or just 3g? Thank you.4G. It doesn't say anything about LTE

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        • Jon
        • j$$
        • 14 Jan 2020

        jshatto, 07 Oct 2018Tough phone . Mine had to be washed frequently due to nasty... moreI recently got a ulefone Armor 6E, and it may actually be better built than my old Rugby Pro (which still runs great other than a dead micro USB charging port). When I occasionally use the old Rugby Pro, I need one of 3 batteries (which I must charge outside the phone because of the dead USB port).

        The battery is NOT removable in the Armor 6E, but it does have Qi wireless charging so the USB-C port might not see as much wear as my old Rugby Pro port did before it died. I'd look into the ulefone Armor series, or maybe the walkie-talkie version (3WT as I recall).

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          • dustnbones
          • MfB
          • 22 Jun 2019

          MaxWar, 24 Mar 2019This phone is hard to kill, mine still works after 4 years ... moreDoes this phone run on the 4g LTE network or just 3g?
          Thank you.

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            • MaxWar
            • 4B6
            • 24 Mar 2019

            This phone is hard to kill, mine still works after 4 years of pure hell, I dropped it probably a thousand times as it keeps flying out of my shirt pocked. The screen is cracked, it took water from the toilet, the battery door is kinda loose, but the bugger still works normally. However in 2019 it is getting a bit too slow. It runs on an old android version and it is very sluggish just browsing the internet or google map.

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              • Thomas
              • Yaj
              • 07 Jan 2019

              I love the quality of the phone! I'm not in a job that requires one (I'm a freelance writer) but I am the guy whose phones die on him for bizarre and inexplicable reasons. This is the only android that's been able to keep up with me and I only quit using it because I got a new blackberry. Currently, it's my media player because i don't have to worry about it being in an outer pocket and getting damp or dropping it on the sidewalk and then accidentally kicking it half a block. BTW: Anyone else notice that the only time you can kick a phone on the ground/floor for any kind of distance at all is when you just want to pick the thing up?

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                • jshatto
                • s2x
                • 07 Oct 2018

                Tough phone . Mine had to be washed frequently due to nasty job just threw in wash basin lathered up and washed phone with hands . Dropped a few times . Welding slag finally cracked screen had to replace screen . Old eyes making screen to small. Looking for bigger phone still tough, any suggestions out there.

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                  • Doug
                  • rRU
                  • 05 Mar 2018

                  My brother Jeff really liked his Rugby Pro until he just plain lost it. He said it was a toughie and he like a smaller phone with good battery; he streams music.

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                    • Doug
                    • rRU
                    • 05 Mar 2018

                    AnonD-718305, 25 Nov 2017It's not a tough phone. The bits that hold the back panel o... moreIn reply to efAston, the bits only break off if you snap the panel on from the bottom up; the right way is to engage those bits at the top and work your way down to the clasp.

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                      • AnonD-718305
                      • PF{
                      • 25 Nov 2017

                      It's not a tough phone. The bits that hold the back panel on break off, so mine's probably not waterproof, the ring is inaudible in noisy environments, and it's not that easy to hear and be heard in noisy environments either.

                      Samsung disabled moving any apps to SD card, so the "8GB" (4.94GB) internal storage is all you've got, and there's heaps of pre-installed stuff you can't uninstall, like Amazon Kindle (150MB). You can't plug a USB stick into it. If you go on-line it's very slow.

                      It is a good size, and it's not bad if you don't pay too much for it.

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                        • Wrigs
                        • NZ5
                        • 28 Jul 2017

                        I have had this phone since 2012, so I am going on 5 years. This is the best phone I have ever had. I have rarely seen the battery level below 75%. The phone is tough and can withstand my 2 year-old grandson throwing it on the floor. The only issue I have had is the screen seems to be getting a little slower to respond, but then again, this phone is almost 5 years old, so I still cannot complain.

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                          • Client Server
                          • 75I
                          • 16 Jul 2017

                          Double-T, 27 Jun 2017I have this phone as a loaner phone right now and let me te... moreThis is a nearly 5-year-old phone. I bought mine around July of 2014. It was nearly 2 years old then. It worked fine for a year or so. but really started to notice a larger loss of efficiency in the 3rd year of ownership. If all of my original apps had never been updated, it would possibly still work reasonably well, but I believe newer versions of apps crept into my phone and most of them work horribly because they have been improved to work optimally with Android versions 5, 6 & now 7.

                          I just purchase a Moto e4 from amazon for $129.99. It was just released in June 2017 so I'm hoping it will function fairly well for 3 years. That is a cost of about 13 cents a day.

                          Shalom and Guns up Double-T

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                            • Double-T
                            • 4jK
                            • 27 Jun 2017

                            I have this phone as a loaner phone right now and let me tell you it is the worst phone I ever had. I've had blackberrys from 2008 work better than this phone. VERY VERY slow and some apps won't work the way they are supposed to (if at all). Really hoping to get my Galaxy S6 Edge back asap because that phone is a GOD compared to this filth. Of course it's a phone from 2012, so what do you expect? But stay away from this phone even if you want it for durability it would still be a mistake.

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                              • AnonD-677268
                              • QvM
                              • 15 Jun 2017

                              The worst, by long run, cell phone I ever have.
                              Overheat, closed without reason, battery life not really long, speaker cut suddenly, can't do two thing at the same time because it overheat it... and it closed.
                              Really, it's a shitty phone, do not place a dime on this.

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                                • Segzy
                                • r3H
                                • 31 May 2017

                                Joe, 30 Mar 2017Just type *#*#4636#*#* u will be able to setup d network u ... moreJoe, thanks very much for the info. Its very helpful have been struggling with changing from 4G. It slows my phone badly, but its okay now. Thanks.

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                                  • Joe
                                  • Nue
                                  • 30 Mar 2017

                                  Nikki, 06 May 2015i can't run 3G network on this phone. There is no option in... moreJust type *#*#4636#*#* u will be able to setup d network u want, either 2G, WCDMA, 4G etc

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                                    • 4du
                                    • 07 Feb 2017

                                    AnonD-623898, 23 Dec 2016I bought this device in 2013 based on reviews praising its ... moreI've had my rugby for more years than I can count.the only reason I switched was a problem with the charging port. The size was perfect for an outside person such as myself. If you need more technology than it provides you don't need a cell phone, you need a laptop, you have way too much time on your hands.

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                                      • AnonD-623898
                                      • jpb
                                      • 23 Dec 2016

                                      I bought this device in 2013 based on reviews praising its ruggedness because I am clumsy. Unquestionably it is the worst technology purchase I ever made ... and I first programmed with punch cards.
                                      .. Yes, it *IS* tough ... & the list of positives comes to a dramatic, locked brakes, stop right there! It drives one mad it is so slow.
                                      >> When I sought tech support at my local big name vendor (I always buy unlocked phones & use their pre-paid plans ... we are on first name basis), they laughed & said they actively directed customers away from buying this model because it is such ****. They did their best, but it still does a perfect imitation of a constipated glacier in its speed.
                                      .. Being as I am on a very limited fixed income, this is not something I can simply discard & replace. Oh, but I regret I cannot!

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                                        • Birdie
                                        • rVi
                                        • 17 Jun 2016

                                        Love the phone, but I changed computers and need the software to sync all my data, music, photos, calendar and contacts before upgrading to a new phone.