Samsung Galaxy S10+ beats Huawei P30 Pro in a speed test

Ivan, 23 April 2019

It's very hard to perform a perfect speed test where a single unresponsive app or a random stutter doesn't foil the entire test. But as speed tests go, the PhoneBuff-styled one is the most trustworthy around the web - it's done with mechanical arms and the test is ran multiple times to secure as fair a result as can be.

In the latest PhoneBuff speed test the Huawei P30 Pro goes against the Snapdragon 855-powered Samsung Galaxy S10+, both using 8GB of RAM and both running UFS 2.1 storage.

Looking at the chipsets we have a 7nm architecture on both (while the Exynos 9820 is 8nm).

The two phones stay competitive during the test but ultimately the Galaxy S10+ manages to secure and hold a 7 second lead.


Reader comments

Nonsense. All devices naturmaly are slowing down because of aging hardware and it is viable for all manufacturers. I had many galaxy S devices and with every newer model, slowing down process basically was less relevant comparing with previous one. S...

Iseless test, go check Garry Explains real performance tests.

  • Anonymous
  • 30 Apr 2019
  • sfG

These tests are becoming more and more irrelevant for the newest flagships considering how fast they all are. Not to mention that Samsungs are notorious for slowing down over time. Give me battery and life and a better camera any day.

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