Samsung Galaxy S10e also gets Prism Silver color, no longer exclusive to S10+

Peter, 01 July 2019

A rare color for the Samsung Galaxy S10e has surfaced – Prism Silver. This is related to the Prism Silver of the limited edition Galaxy S10+ (and different from the Crown Silver color, which is exclusive to the Galaxy S10 5G).

Here’s a comparison with the current Prism White color of the S10e and the Crown Silver of S10 5G:

Samsung Galaxy S10e in Prism Silver Samsung Galaxy S10e in Prism White Samsung Galaxy S10 5G in Crown Silver
Samsung Galaxy S10e in Prism Silver and Prism White • Galaxy S10 5G in Crown Silver

Besides a couple of Dutch stores, the Galaxy S10e in Prism Silver can also be seen at Samsung Romania and Samsung UAE.

This color is quite interesting and not just for its previously premium status. It’s quite a chameleon, check out these photos of the S10+ by Ice Universe:

The Galaxy S10e in Prism Silver is also mentioned in these terms & conditions on Samsung UK for a promo where you get a free pair of AKG N60 headphones. However, the actual color option isn’t available in the online store.

That promo ends on July 10, so there’s there’s still a chance the new hue will show up at some point.


Reader comments

I've got a prism white on my S10e and this silver looks nice compare to white one.

  • Anonymous

looks fishy

  • Anonymous

Are you sure about the regular S10 because the article states that it's exclusive to the bigger version.