Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G, S10 and S10+ are 20% off in the UK until April 14

Vlad, 10 April 2020

Samsung is holding an Easter sale through its online store in the UK for three of its smartphones, which have become 20% cheaper. This will be ongoing until April 14.

First off, the Galaxy S20+ 5G can now be had for just £799.20. Compared to its usual price of £999, that's a cool £200 you're saving if you want to gift one to yourself (or someone else) for Easter.

Galaxy S20+ (left) next to Galaxy S10+ (right) Galaxy S20+ (left) next to Galaxy S10+ (right)

Next up, the Galaxy S10+ is currently going for £615.20. It used to be £769 before this promo. The Galaxy S10 can be yours for £535.20, and not £669 as usual.

That is, of course, if you're among the few people in the UK who buy their phones SIM-free and unlocked, paying the entire amount all-in. For all of these, you need to enter the promo code SAMSUNG20 at checkout. Note that in the case of the S20+ 5G, you can only pick the Cloud Blue color version to take advantage of the deal. Hit the Sources linked below until April 14 if you're interested.

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  • Anonymous

By the way lot of android geeks now prefer Exynos over snapdragon because you can root it unlike snapdragon and Kirin that comes with locked boot-loader plus Exynos get update faster than snapdragon.

S20+ for 800GBP or Mi 20 from 800GBP...? Tough choice =_=

What have Apple to do with this? As long SD is the fastest vs Exynos its so far out and I really understand why people don't want it, just because of this, strange behavior from Samsung, selling the Exynos in the most of the world except in US a...

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