Samsung Galaxy S20 family sells only 60% as much as the S10 models last year

Vlad, 26 March 2020

If you were wondering whether (or how much) the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted sales of high priced smartphones, Samsung seems to have an answer for you.

According to a new report from its home of South Korea, the company held a private informal conference call for some securities analysts, in which it came clean about the fact that the Galaxy S20 series is only selling around 60% as much as the S10 family did one year ago.

Samsung Galaxy S20 family sells only 60% as much as the S10 models last year

That's pretty bad, as you can imagine, but keep in mind that this may only apply to the South Korean market. Samsung directly mentioned the pandemic as an underlying reason for the new models' disappointing sales numbers. The company also thinks things may get even worse in the near future, depending on how the pandemic evolves.

Samsung has already discounted its S20 models in the US in a move that's probably related to a slump in demand, at a time when most people probably don't want to splurge and spend a ton of money on a new phone, since there are more pressing issues.

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Reader comments

  • AlienKiss

Yeah I get it, it's rather expensive, but saying that it's not selling because of that is rather silly. The pandemic is the real thing that slowed down the market. Nowadays people only buy food, cleaning and protection products, not the latest tech...

  • aria

a rehash product with inferior battery, and slight improvement and a $1000 price tag, of coures people aren't buying that. Only Apple can get a way with this kinda thing to some extend.

These guys are professional with the best degrees. I can't believe they missed the opportunity that happens once every decade. It's the year 2020 where people are excited and willing to PAY for new technologies. Instead the offered technolog...

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